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QubeDot GmbH

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About us

QubeDot GmbH develops and manufactures microLEDs and microLED-displays based on the InGaN material system for particularly high optical performance and switching speeds. Based on the knowledge of several years of research, we offer our worldwide customers & partners customized microLED solutions – made in Germany.

QubeDot's core competency is its expertise in InGaN-based custom microLED solutions - starting with fully comprehensive consulting, design of lithography mask and processing in the fab. Our technology is used for various applications in industries such as metrology, machine vision, integrated circuits, biology, optogenetics and microscopy.

QubeDot offers solutions for many interesting applications in the field of microLEDs which, in addition to the small emitter sizes, also require small batches - at least for the market launch. Already in this early project phase, we support – and like to find together with our customers the best possible solution for the use of our microLEDs.


QubeDot GmbH
Wilhelmsgarten 3
38100 Braunschweig

E-mail: hello@qubedot.com
Phone: +49 531 80163600
Internet: www.qubedot.com

Contact person:

Dr.-Ing. Heiko Brüning
E-mail: hello@qubedot.com
Phone: +49 531 80163600

Products & Services

QubeDot offers microLEDs and microLED-based solutions:

• Custom specific emitter geometries (including lines, squares, circles).
• Custom specific pixel sizes of microLED and microLED arrays 1 ... 1000 μm
• Customer specific wavelength 290 ... 640 nm
• Wavelengths 650 nm ... 1100 nm on request
• Customized pixel layout, all pixels can be controlled individually
• LED lines with width 5 ... 100 μm and length 10 ... 1000 μm
• Switching times of > 1 Mhz
• Right partner also for small lot sizes
• Support in the design process

Ready-to-use SMILE-platform:

• Controllable light field 8 x 8 pixels of 75 μm size
• MicroLEDs individually controllable by software with up to 16 kHz
• Easy setup to create desired light patterns
• Robust housing, direct integration in optical path possible
• Ready for immediate use with GUI and USB cable

Measurement solutions:

• Current-voltage-light characteristics (IVL) and general optoelectronic characterization
• Cathodoluminescence (CL)
• and many more


With our microLED arrays we offer the first ready-to-use SMILE-platform. SMILE is an acronym for
"Structured Micro Illumination Light Engine" and comprises our microLED-array product range with
different pixel numbers & sizes, wavelengths & intensities. All light sources are controlled directly from computer via USB, and pattern creation works immediately after installation. A SMILE-platform consists of a customized microLED chip, electronics, housing and a graphical user interface for control.

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