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About us

LightTrans USA L.P. distributes VirtualLab Fusion fast optical design software in North America. Optimize your products or your manufacturing process! Analyze, simulate and optimize your optical system with fast physical optical algorithms, not just ray tracing.

Since 1999, LightTrans' software products have shortened or enabled the development cycles of innovative optical components and systems for application areas such as light shaping, optical metrology, imaging systems, laser technology, augmented and mixed reality.


PWY Service GmbH & Co. KG
Am Teich 2
07743 Jena

E-mail: petra.wyrowski@pwy-service.de
Phone: +49 170 4800807
Internet: www.lighttrans.us
LightTrans USA L.P.
5126 South Royal Atlanta Drive
Tucker, GA 30084

E-mail: petra.wyrowski@lighttrans.us
Phone: (770) 274-2418
Internet: www.lighttrans.us

Contact person:

Petra Wyrowski
General Manager

Products & Services

VirtualLab Fusion - Fast Physical Optics Software

Take physical-optics effects such as diffraction, interference, coherence, and polarization into account when modeling and designing of AR & MR lightguide glasses, microscopy and interferometric setups, diffractive and metalenses, gratings (stand-alone or as a part of a more complex system), and many more!

Our software VirtualLab Fusion provides a platform for connecting built-in and customized electromagnetic field solvers. This approach enables fast physical optics with ray tracing embedded in a well-defined way. Application areas such as light shaping, optical metrology, imaging systems, laser technology, augmented and mixed reality benefit from the paradigm of fast physical optics algorithms that VirtualLab Fusion provides in an intuitive and user-friendly way.

VirtualLab Fusion – Light Guide Toolbox

Modeling and design of light-guide-based display systems for AR/MR applications.

Define any kind of light guide layout with the flexible grating region concept and check out the optical performance of a complete system. - Based on the Fourier modal method (FMM, a.k.a RCWA), the grating response (including direction, wavelength, and polarization) is fully included in the calculation.

The Gold edition provides the world’s first grating design algorithm for common light guide layouts.
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Simulation of waveguide with a complex 2D exit pupil expansion.

VirtualLab Fusion – Diffractive Optics Toolbox

Seamless simulation of diffractive and metasurfaces in complete optical systems

Model and design metasurfaces, diffractive lenses, holographic optical elements, diffractive beam splitter, diffuser, and beam shaper! A step-by-step design session editor guides you through the entire design, from gathering system information and target specification to boundary conditions and algorithm parameter settings. Performance evaluation functions are provided, as well as manufacturing tolerance analysis.

Spot diagram and evaluation of PSF for lens systems which include a diffractive lens.

VirtualLab Fusion - Fast Physical Optics Software

VirtualLab Fusio provides a wide range of optical simulation technologies for many applications, including physical-optics-based light sources and detectors, such as ultrashort pulse modeling, VCSEL modeling, or fiber coupling analysis. The channel concept allows convenient modeling of interferometric systems such as Michelson and Mach-Zehnder interferometers and optical etalons. All aperture diffraction effects can be considered within a system, for both imaging and laser systems.
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Box: VirtualLab Fusion - Fast Physical Optics Software

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