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PT Photonic Tools GmbH

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About us

Photonic Tools provides system components and solutions for the industrial ultrafast and high power laser applications, their end users, system integrators and laser manufacturers. Photonic Tools’ products are beam delivery systems, processing heads and customised solutions dedicated to industrial ultrafast and high power lasers.

The systems consist of: 

  • Standardised free space beam delivery components and a cutting edge fibre beam delivery system using photonic crystal fibre for ultrafast lasers. 
  • Fibre beam delivery systems and modular processing heads for high power solid state lasers.

The products’ features meet the stringent requirements of the advanced manufacturing industry, combining laser technology and application, applied optics and precise machine tool building.

The experienced Photonic Tools team has a long standing track record of bringing innovative tools for laser material processing to the industrial high power solid-state laser market.


PT Photonic Tools GmbH
Johann-Hittorf-Str. 8
12489 Berlin

E-mail: sales@photonic-tools.de
Phone:  +49 30 6392-78000
Internet: www.photonic-tools.de

Contact person:

Dr. Björn Wedel
E-mail: b.wedel@photonic-tools.de
Phone: +49 30 639278000

Annette Menger
E-mail: a.menger@photonic-tools.de
Phone: +49 30 639278000

Products & Services

„Photonic Tools“ are system components and application solutions for industrial ultrafast and cw solid state lasers:

Beam delivery systems 

  • Modular free space beam delivery components 
  • Flexible fibre beam delivery for ultrafast lasers 
  • Laser light cables (fibres) for high power cw lasers 
  • Fibre coupling and beam launching modules

Laser processing heads 

  • Modular design for all laser applications for. e.g. welding, cutting, surface treatment 
  • Modules e.g. collimators, camera viewing 
  • Industry 4.0 status monitoring 
  • Custom design

Laser Processing Head MPH und MPH-UKP

The growing diversity of the high power laser applications calls for a laser processing head which fulfills the stringent requirements of the advanced manufacturing industry:
A simple optical system which is efficient, can be flexibly configured and is suitable for lasers up to 20 kW laser power.
Specifically designed sensors monitor the status of all critical optical elements und functional components. The processing head`s revolutionary design enables field repair and service.
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Laser Processing Head MPH for Lasers up to 20 kW Laser Power

Modular Design Laser Processing Head MPH-UKP for Lasers up to 2 kW Laser Power

Variable Zoom Collimation Module MPH-UKP

Laser Light Cable for Industrial Kilowatt Lasers

A new and industry unique modular laser light cable design: The core technology of the connector separated from the mechanical interface.
Different fibre core diameters and fibre types, anti-reflection coated endcaps and protective windows, extended temperature and stray light monitoring are optionally available.
For handling the kilowatt laser power a modestripper and an indirect fluid cooling allow a safe and simple laser integration.
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LLK Connectors

Laser Light Cable

Beam Delivery System for Ultrafast Lasers

Photonic Tools has developed a robust, fiber-bonded laser guidance system for ultrafast lasers, which guarantees the highest possible transmission while preserving the laser beam parameters. The trick: The laser beam is directed through "nothing". For this we use the latest generation of micro-structured hollow-core fibers.
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Time Sharing System for Ultrafast Lasers

Fiber Beam Delivery System for Ultrafast Lasers

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