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About us

PRIMES has over 30 years of experience in the development of laser diagnostics solutions. We develop and produce market leading systems for beam characterization in industrial applications. Our spectrum of high-precision, durable products is put to use in numerous branches, such as automotive industry, industrial machinery, additive manufacturing as well as R&D and laser manufacturing. PRIMES is an important player on the global market, represented by 12 distributors and a subsidiary in Japan. We have a clear customer focus and provide worldwide consulting.

We focus on robust, industry proven, ready-to-use-systems for industrial environments. They are easy to integrate in production processes due to standardized interfaces. Thanks to the in-house design of hard- and software we can offer optimal solutions for a wide variety of laser measuring tasks as well as for nearly all major laser- and machine builders. Our core competence lies in beam diagnostic devices for use in the processing area of systems with multi-kilowatt laser power.

The PRIMES Cube - Your power meter of choice for services even in confined spaces

PRIMES BeamMonitor - Analysing collimated CO2 lasers or process-critical power density distributions

PRIMES - Competence in Beam Diagnostics

PRIMES FocusMonitor - The established standard in high power laser beam diagnostics

New PRIMES building at Pfungstadt, Germany


Max-Planck-Str. 2
64319 Pfungstadt

E-mail: info@primes.de
Phone: +49 6157 9878-0
Internet: www.primes.de/en

Contact person:

Ruben Hartwig
Technical Sales
E-mail: r.hartwig@primes.de
Phone: +49 6157 98782112

Attila Werner
Technical Sales
E-mail: a.werner@primes.de
Phone: +49 6157 9878 193

Products & Services

FM+ FocusMonitor (3D beam profiling of focused beams)
BM+ BeamMonitor (beam profiling of unfocussed beams - 100 mm clear aperture)
PMM PowerMeasuringModule (power monitoring in production)
MSM+ MicroSpotMonitor (measuring the caustic of pulsed lasers > 10µm spot diameter)
LQM+ LaserQualityMonitor (analyzing the raw beam propagation – direct fiber measurement)
PM PowerMonitor (long term power monitoring up to 25kW)
CPM+ CompactPowerMonitor (light weight power meter for fiber lasers)
FT FocusTracker (Determines exact focus position and inherent focus shift of your process head)
FPM FocusParameterMonitor (power and focus monitoring in production)
SFM ScanFieldmonitor (All-In-One Turbo for Additive Manufacturing)
Cube (mobile and compact power probe)

FocusTracker FT

The FocusTracker FT uses a novel measuring principle to measure the focus position in a fast and easy way. This new system is able to measure two different ranges of divergence in one device. It can measure a fiber directly as well as an optical setup. Time resolution is up to 40 Hz. The FT helps to better understand and monitor the thermal behavior of an optical setup at your process parameters. It is available as water- or air-cooled version, for both VIS- or NIR wavelengths.
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Analyze the focus shift and the exact focus position of your laser with the PRIMES FocusTracker

FocusMonitor FM+ HPD

As the latest innovation in the FocusMonitor family,
PRIMES introduces the FM+ HPD. Through continuous
development and the special design of the new
measuring principle FS³, it is now possible to measure
and evaluate laser beams with very high power
densities of up to 50 MW/cm2. Here, beam diameters
of 100 μm – 1 200 μm can be evaluated. The
revolutionary design and the new functionality of the
FocusMonitor FM+ HPD are available for beam
sources in the wavelength range of 1.0 – 1.1 μm.
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FocusMonitor FM+ HPD – A New Milestone in the Measurement of high Power Densities

ScanFieldMonitor SFM

Find out everything worth knowing about your
production parameters in less than 3 seconds from the
SFM. You’ll soon find that it is as innovative and
creative as the 3D production industry itself. A
revolutionary patented measuring process from
PRIMES for additive manufacturing processes
characterized by a small glass structure, a compact
design, and our innovative measuring principle make
the SFM a multifaceted, nimble handheld turbo for
laser beam diagnostics and process optimization.

SFM - Our All-In-One Turbo for Additive Manufacturing

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