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PicoLAS GmbH

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About us

The PicoLAS GmbH, headquartered in Würselen Germany, is specialized in developing and manufacturing very compact and efficient drivers for diode lasers which have achieved a couple of market prominences:
Base plate cooled cw drivers for fanless designs
High efficiency digital controlled cw and qcw drivers
Short pulse drivers for seeding and rangefinding applications

PicoLAS is Europe's number one for high speed seeding of fibre lasers.
The main markets are:
Medical (hair removal, skin treatment, ...)
Material processing (engraving, marking, cutting,soldering, drilling, ...)
Driving ultra short pulse lasers
Mil & Law enforcement (including high safety standards like SIL 3 and 4 or class e and higher)
The PicoLAS R&D team also develops customized drivers in close cooperation with the customers.

Due to the increasing production volume we invested in a PCB assembly line in 2016.

Since 2017 we have been milling the base plates of our devices with our own milling machine.

In 2018 we invested in a Fine Placer /Wire Bonder to develop solutions ready for mass production.

In 2019 PicoLAS moved to a building in Würselen to further expand the production and office space.


PicoLAS GmbH
Burgstr. 2
52146 Würselen

E-mail: sales@picolas.de
Phone: +49 2405 6459460
Internet: www.picolas.de

Contact person:

Dr.-Ing. Markus Bartram
E-mail: sales@picolas.de
Phone: +49 2405 6459460

Products & Services

PicoLAS develops state-of-the-art compact and efficient drivers for laser diodes, LEDs and other applications. The fanless and baseplate cooled design is world unique. Drivers for extremely short current pulses (400 A) are available off-the-shelf. PicoLAS also offers one of the worlds fastest analog modulated driver for fiber laser seeding applications – the BFS-VRM 03. The OEM current sources cover pulse durations of < 400 ps up to cw. The available current range is between < 0.1 A and up to 400 A. The LDP-CW 90-10 is the smallest 1 kW LD driver available on the market with up to 90 A on a “half brick” size footprint. It is very affordable, compact, efficient and base plate cooled. PicoLAS offers protective systems (Stackprotector) on most of the drivers. Our R&D team also develops customized drivers in close cooperation with the customers.


The new digitally controlled seeder does not require an external analog arbitrary pulse shape generator. The pulse shape is loaded digitally into the driver and released by a triggering signal. Several different pulse shapes can be preselected. The supply voltage of 5 V makes the use easy. All Type 1 butterfly packages will fit in. Brand new and a real enabling factor is the increased stability being as high as 1*10-6.
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BFS-VDIG 03 - digitally controlled seeder


The Seeder family is steadily getting improved and is growing. The new BFPS-VRHSP 02 NG is the convincing solution in fixed pulse shape seeding applications. The pulse duration can be adjusted internally between 450 ps and 10 ns. Only a triggering signal is required! Due to the new technology behind the pulse-to-pulse stability is improved to be almost 1*10-6. The pulse current can be as high as 3 A at pulse repetition frequencies of up to 100 MHz.
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LDP-VRM 025-09-0-White light laser driver solution

The drivers of the LDP-VRM and LDP-CWL series are cw current sources for laser diodes or LEDs with a high analog modulation bandwidth. The specialty of the LDP-VRM drivers is the integrated adaptive DC/DC converter, which keeps the power losses across the linear driving stage as low as possible. Additionally to
the high efficiency, the LDP-CWL drivers are able to deliver up to 12 A with an output voltage of 20 V. Furthermore, they come with an exceptional small current ripple.
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LDP-VRM 025-09-0 / White light laser driver solution

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