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Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH

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About us

MICRO-HYBRID is international leading in developing and producing advanced electronic microsystems. We are specialized in miniaturized, ceramic-based electronic circuits and packages and infrared components made for harsh environments.

With a high degree of know-how and experience as well as a broad network of cooperation, we create electronics and sensors for highest demands. We master individual measurement and sensor solutions with significant added value for our customers. State of the art technologies & materials and an exceptional engineering team are the base for innovative electronic packages and modules. Our deep application experience in a wide range of industries enables us to solve customer specific development tasks. Micro-Hybrid covers the complete supply chain inclusive development, calibration and all backend processes.

This is why companies worldwide choose us as their partner for application specific OEM electronic solutions.

Micro-Hybrid CEO Dr. Knuth Baumgärtel

Micro-Hybrid headquarters Hermsdorf Germany

Micro-Hybrid Director of Sales and Marketing Stefan Dietl

Micro-Hybrid NDIR bundle for gas analysis

Micro-Hybrid sensors and components for ndir gas analysis

Micro-Hybrid soldering assembly

Micrio-Hybrid manual assembly

Micro-Hybrid production area SMD assembly hub

Micro-Hybrid production area thick film printer

Senior Key Account Manager Gas Sensors


Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH
Heinrich-Hertz-Str. 8
07629 Hermsdorf

E-mail: contact@microhybrid.com
Phone: +49 36601 5920
Internet: www.microhybrid.com

Contact person:

Heiko Richter
Senior Key Account Manager Gas Sensors
E-mail: h.richter@microhybrid.com
Phone: +49 36601 592245

Products & Services

Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH is one of the world's market leaders in the development and production of sophisticated customer-specific electronic solutions. We have been developing and producing innovative microelectronics and infrared sensors for over 25 years. Our customers benefit from unsurpassed solutions for control tasks in difficult environmental conditions. Our portfolio ranges from ceramic substrates and housings for miniaturized electronic modules for sensor control to infrared components and sensors for temperature measurement and gas analysis as well as inertial measurements in railway and rail applications.

MPS4x4C-A-S1.5-2-XX – Four channel pyroelectric high SNR detector

Our pyroelectric sensors are specially designed for NDIR gas analysis or flame detection. The quad detector analyzes up to 3 gases or detects typical spectral emissions of burning materials.

Our pyro detector is based on MEMS technology. It consists of a 0.5 µm thinfilm Ceramic Pyroelectrical Material (CPM) mounted on a silicon-based membrane. The optically transparent front electrode absorbes IR radiation in a wide range from 2 – 15 µm and can be customized with optical filters.

MPS4x4C-A-S1.5-2-XX – Four-channel pyroelectric high SNR detector

NDIR bundle – test kit for shorter time to market

Gain advantages on the way to market launch: competitive edge thanks to test measurements that can be performed at short notice of common gases such as
CO2, HC, NOX, NO, SO2 in industrial or medical applications.

NDIR bundles are available from stock in small volumes. Each box consists of premium IR emitters and matching, highly sensitive thermopile detectors which are optimized for the selected application. We are the only supplier worldwide to produce both IR sources and detectors in-house.
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NDIR bundle - test kit for shorter time to market

JSIR 350-4 HermeSEAL – soldered IR source for harsh environments

HermeSEAL® Technology is a unique packaging process. By soldering a metalized filter to the reflector or cap, hermetically sealed IR emitters are created. They are specially designed for demanding applications in harsh environments such as
heat, humidity, corrosive gases, or vacuum.

The high-performance membrane of these MEMS IR emitters is made of nanoamorphous carbon and reaches membrane temperatures up to 850 °C. It enables a high and long-term stable radiation performance.
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JSIR 350-4 HermeSEAL – soldered IR source for harsh environments

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