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J&M Analytik AG

Booth number: 4105-22

About us

J&M is an award-winning pioneer in the field of fiber-optic solutions using UV/VIS, NIR and Raman spectroscopy – for lab and OEM applications. J&M was founded in 1987 and is a member of the PHARMA TEST GROUP since 2016. We offer innovative, reliable solutions and analytical systems made in Germany – for laboratory and OEM applications. We create value for our customers by helping them better understand, control and optimize their processes.

The TIDAS® series of spectrometers are fiber-optic diode-array spectrometer systems and instruments in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry. Innovative products are constantly developed by working closely with both customers and partners. They are based on UV/VIS, NIR, Raman and LIF technology.

The instruments are run by the internally developed TIDASDAQ3 software for instrument control, data visualization and evaluation. Additionally, J&M offers a broad selection of accessories and process interfaces, both contact and non-contact.

J&M offers fiber-optic solutions for lab and OEM applications


J&M Analytik AG
Willy-Messerschmitt-Str. 8/1
73457 Essingen

E-mail: info@j-m.de
Phone: +49 7365 96430-0
Internet: www.j-m.de

Contact person:

Björn Fähler
E-mail: b.faehler@j-m.de
Phone: +49 6182 9532-600

Harald Nitsche
Business Development OEM
E-mail: h.nitsche@j-m.de
Phone: +49 7365 96430-0

Products & Services

J&M has two main product lines:

  • TIDAS® Lab: laboratory and educational spectrometer instruments
  • TIDAS® OEM: OEM components for optical spectroscopy like detectors, light sources, multiplexers and flow cells

J&M products and technology can be used for many applications, such as

  • Blend and drying monitoring
  • Cleaning monitoring and validation
  • Coating and particle size monitoring
  • Hygiene monitoring
  • Moisture measurement
  • Raw material identification
  • Reaction monitoring

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