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About us

HETEROMERGE offers complete multi-material solutions for 3D micro-printing to realize high-performant functional systems. We remove design, function, and production barriers in the world of tiny 3D structures to let our customers focus on their products.

Based on our multi-material print head, we provide automated in situ material exchange in two-photon 3D laser-printing. This enables unique advantages like perfect alignment, fast prints, and substrate independence - all at highest resolution down to the nanometer scale.

We support our customers with the system, materials, and service solutions for the best multi-material printing experience to leverage prototyping and medium-scale production. We enable functional additive manufacturing of micro-optics, microfluidic systems, tissue engineering scaffolds, and much more.


Helmholtzstr. 10
01069 Dresden

E-mail: info@heteromerge.com
Phone: +49 351 46340831
Internet: www.heteromerge.com

Contact person:

Jörg Knorr
E-mail: joerg.knorr@heteromerge.com
Phone: +49 1577 9570 970

Dr.-Ing. Robert Kirchner
E-mail: robert.kirchner@heteromerge.com
Phone: +49 1722 0026 26

Products & Services

At Photonics West 2023 we will show our core product MergeOne, a deep-tech printhead system that enables the automated in-situ exchange of polymeric print materials in 2-photon 3D laser printers. A core field of applications will be printed micro-optics. Our product is available within our pilot customer program for an eminent price including the full system along with premium support and service.


MergeOne is a complete multi-material system based on our patented printhead technology. MergeOne consists of the control electronics, the control software, the reservoirs for exchange as well as the printhead itself and comes with complimentary components for the convient operation of the muti-material system. All major components are installed into existing 2-photon laser printers for the ultimate multi-material printing experience developed for a minimal overhead time during exchange.
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MergeOne control unit with additional components in a 2-photon-printer mock-up

MergeOne printhead in a Nanoscribe Photonic Professional GT+ system

MergeOne cleaning station for material injection units

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