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GD Optical Competence GmbH

Booth number: 4105-14

About us

We produce precision molded glass optics for highest requirements in high-end applications. Our focus: individual customized solutions for a broad array of applications. From optical design of the lens, design of the tools, ultra-precision grinding of all necessary molds to the point of molding as well as thin film coating of the glass components - all production steps are performed in-house. Our molding technologies allow for the economic production of very large and rather low volumes.


GD Optical Competence GmbH
Herborner Str. 13
35764 Sinn

E-mail: info@gdoptics.de
Phone: +49 27725 744-0
Internet: www.gdoptics.de

Contact person:

Winfried Czilwa
General Manager
E-mail: info@gdoptics.de
Phone: +49 2772 57440

Products & Services

Acylinder lenses
Micro Lens Arrays
Spherical Lenses
Laser Beam Shaping Components
Torical lenses
acylindrical lenses
cylindrical lenses
Micro Optics
FAC lenses
SAC lenses
Powell Lenses
Diffractive optics
glass prisms
Illumination optics
Segmented lenses

Micro lens array

Diameter of single lenses: 0,25 mm
Radius auf curvature: 0,18 mm

Double sided glass lens array

Highly reproducible in high volumes due to production method (precision glass molding)

Lens array 2 cm
2x1500 lenses
Fill factor: up to 99%
RMS: <5 nm
Offset front to back: ± 10 μm

Lens array 2 cm 2x1500 lenses

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