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FiberBridge Photonics GmbH

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About us

FiberBridge Photonics provides high-performance optical fiber components for material processing, life sciences, quantum technology and aerospace industries. Key products in the portfolio include high-power fiber components for lasers and amplifiers, such as pump combiners, fiber end caps, fiber end lenses, high-power capable fiber arrays and spliceless LMA fiber amplifier modules.

All fiber components and photonic production lines are developed and manufactured in Germany according to ISO 9001. This level of production control enables us to offer our customers tailored solutions for fiber optic components and assemblies, from design to volume production – including harsh environment applications, for example in the aerospace industry.

Experts in Fiber Optic Engineering - Components For Laser And Amplifier

Our capabilities

Fiber Arrays for high-power applications

Spliceless Fiber Amplifier Modules - Designed for Large Mode Area fibers

High-Power Pump Combiner - Designed for Large Mode Area fibers - Forward and backward pumping

Cladding Power Stripper - For active and passive fiber

Mode Field Adapter with outstanding beam quality from batch to batch

KW-Class Fiber End Caps - For PM and non-PM fibers

Fiber Components for harsh environment applications


FiberBridge Photonics GmbH
Hollerithallee 17
30419 Hannover

E-mail: info@fb-photonics.com
Phone: +49 511 22018260
Internet: www.fiberbridge-photonics.com

Contact person:

Jörn Tolkien
Business Development Manager
E-mail: info@fb-photonics.com
Phone: +49 5112 2018260

Dr. Thomas Theeg
E-mail: info@fb-photonics.com
Phone: +49 5112 2018260

Products & Services

High-Power Fiber Components for Lasers and Amplifiers:

1d and 2d Fiber Arrays for High-Power Application
Linear Fiber Arrays for up to 50 Fiber Channels (LMA-fiber)
Hexagonal or Rectangle Fiber Arrays with up up to 100 Fiber Channels
Spliceless Fiber Amplifier Modules - No Splice between Fiber Components
High-Power Pump Combiners designed for LMA-Fibers
KW-Class Fiber End Caps
Fiber End Lenses
Cladding Power Stripper for kW-Class Applications
Mode Field Adapter with Outstanding Beam Quality
Single Mode Fiber Coupler
Harsh Environment Packaging
Clean Room Production
ISO 9001 Certified

High-Power Fiber Array

Our high-grade FIBER ARRAYS are capable of combining kW-class laser beams from different fibers in specific geometrical arrangements. For this purpose, several glass fibers are welded in a compact and monolithic arrangement to an optical window, which can have almost any size and shape. The welding process is carried out with high precision so that beam quality and the polarization of large mode area (LMA) glass fibers are preserved.
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Fiber Arrays for high-power applications

Fiber Arrays with customized high-power packaging

Pump Combiner

Nd, Yb, Er and Tm fiber
Designed for Large Mode Area fibers
Active or passive signal fiber
Very low signal insertion loss
Suitable for counter-pumping
Excellent beam quality and PER
Spliceless fiber modules with pump combiner
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High-Power Pump Combiner - Designed for Large Mode Area fibers - Forward and backward pumping

Spliceless Fiber Amplifier Module

We offer co- and counter-propagation pumped fiber amplifier modules including all necessary fiber components. One of the major strengths of FiberBridge Photonics is the integration of all fiber components to the active fiber resulting in no splices and short fiber lengths between the components. The fiber length as well as the arrangement of fiber components can be adapted to customer needs. Perfectly matched components ensure excellent optical performance, which is important for LMA-fibers.
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Spliceless Fiber Amplifier Modules - Designed for Large Mode Area fibers

Spliceless Fiber Amplifier Modules - Designed for Large Mode Area fibers

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