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engionic Fiber Optics GmbH

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About us

engionic Fiber Optics GmbH designs and manufactures tailor-made fiber optic light guide solutions and fiber optic sensors. The added value for our customers lies in the consistent support, starting with the development of the prototypes, to the start-up of the series production and then to the continuous optimization of the products and the manufacturing costs. engionic Fiber Optics GmbH, thanks to its many years of experience, has been perfectly aligned to the needs of industrial customers who integrate the fiber optic components into their overall solutions.

engionic Fiber Optics GmbH is part of the engionic Group. The engionic group companies are highly specialised solution providers in the fiber optics market and look back on more than three decades of experience in this industry. Unique in the market is the integrated internal value chain for Fiber Bragg sensors – from the production of Fiber Bragg Gratings and CNC parts up to the entire sensor assembly, calibration and housing.


engionic Fiber Optics GmbH
Ernst-Lau-Str. 8
12489 Berlin

E-mail: fiber-optics@engionic.de
Phone: +49 30 62887340
Internet: engionic.de

Products & Services

engionic Fiber Optics GmbH offers a broad range of products and services in the assembly and manufacturing of fiber optic lights guides and components, such as classic light guides, cross-section converter, vacuum feedthroughs as well as transmission-, reflection- and medical probes.

Additionally, engionic Fiber Optics GmbH manufactures special fiber optic temperature and strain sensors based on fs-laser-written Fiber Bragg Gratings, that open up completely new sensing possibilities for a wide range of industrial and medical sensing applications, as well as individual sensor arrangements upon customer request. The product portfolio includes standard FBG sensors, individual OEM sensor solutions, as well as temperature sensor systems with interrogation unit.

The Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG) from the group company engionic Femto Gratings GmbH are of superior tensile strength, withstand extremely high temperatures and can be immune to radioactivity and humidity.

Fiber Bragg Gratings

Our Femto Gratings are of superior tensile strength, withstand temperatures of up to 1,000°C and can be immune to radioactivity and humidity. The product line of FemtoPlus® Gratings additionally provides extremely low polarization (0-5pm) for high resolution measurements and very low scattering loss (<0,2dB) for extra-long array configurations. Due to the worldwide leading, automated manufacturing technology, we can provide high customer value in terms of quality and cost efficiency.
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Sensor System Solutions

Based on our in-depth industry know-how, we offer sensor system solutions and additionally select the most suitable interrogator unit for our customers for temperature and strain measurement applications ranging from one to several thousand sensing points. For interested and new customers of engionic Fiber Optics, we additionally offer very attractive starter and testing packages for ready-to-use FBG temperature sensing systems including interrogation unit.

Fiber Optic Light Guides

engionic Fiber Optics GmbH is developing light guides for various applications; from a simple light guide for lightning applications to complex analytic and sensing applications. One predominate focus is the development of special probes for medical technology applications, for example, NMR-compatible probes for different measuring systems. For the measurement of tissue during surgery, we also manufacture, for example, endoscopic adapters as well as arthroscopic probes.

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