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dopa diamond tools

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About us

dopa is focused on the development and production of diamond tooling, process development and our own production of high precision plano substrates.

We offer a wide range of optics, including laser optics made from MgF2 and CaF2, and high capabilities in sapphire processing, metrology and surface processing technologies.

This year’s new products are fully numeric controllable machines for grinding and polishing. Our Optics department is now able to offer Optics and precision components with complex shapes such as light weighting, holes and other features. We increased our precision polishing and measurement capabilities. We are able to offer parts with accuracies better than λ/20 and sub arc sec accuracies.

We are your partner for turn-key-solutions containing machines, tools and processes.

dopa Diamond Tools GmbH

Grinding Wheel

Tools for Aspheres

Double-sided Machines

Coolant filtration and Polishing Slurry Systems

Plano optics

Optical flat

Optical window




dopa diamond tools
Zu den Krugwiesen 1
13057 Berlin

E-mail: info@dopa-diatools.com
Phone: +49 30 585842800
Internet: www.dopa-diatools.com

Contact person:

Jürgen Waidhas
E-mail: juergen.waidhas@dopa-diatools.com
Phone: +49 162 4012599

Marcel Patraschkov
E-mail: info@dopa-diatools.com

Products & Services

diamond tools

  • grinding & polishing wheels
  • face grinding tools
  • dressing & conditioning tools
  • grinding & polishing pellets
  • chamfering tools
  • micro tools
  • radius milling & generating tools
  • tools for aspheres, cylindrical lenses and prisms
  • base plates


  • diamond powder
  • polishing wheels
  • carriers
  • polishing pads
  • WAMP mounting film
  • dressing & conditioning tools
  • brushes
  • flatness & gap measuring systems
  • diamond & polishing slurry
  • coolants & lubricants
  • cleaning fluids

machinery & plant engineering

  • single- and double-sided machines
  • polishing slurry systems
  • coolant filtration systems
  • hand chamfering machines

plano optics (such as laser optical windows, mirrors and other geometries out of optical glass, fused silica, CaF2, sapphire, YAG, glass ceramic and many more materials)

  • optical windows
  • optical flats
  • wafers
  • sapphire & YAG
  • optical filters
  • laser optics
  • wedge plates
  • customized shapes

Diamond Tools

The tools from dopa are the choice for companies producing optics and precision components. They enable you to process a variety of materials – from sensitive and soft materials like CaF2 to ultrahard materials like sapphire. The special feature is the creation of very homogeneous and scratch-free surfaces with min. sub-surface-damage. In addition, we are your contact for other consumables such as polishing slurries, dressing tools and various workpiece holders.
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Diamond tools

Plano Optics

We produce plano optics out of a wide range of materials such as optical glass, quartz, sapphire, CaF2, MgF2, YAG, ceramics, SiC, Cerodur® and many more. These are used in a wide range of fields such as optics, the semiconductor industry, medical technology, luxury watchmaking, aerospace, semiconductor the automotive industry and many more. Our machining areas start at 2 mm and go up to 900 mm. We ensure highest precision in flatness, parallelism and surface quality.
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Plano Optics

Machinery & Plant Engineering

Dopa is your contact for development and production of diamond tooling, process development as well as our own production of precision optics and semiconductor substrates. Many machines and systems we used in those fields we rather modified on our own or designed and built them from scratch. We handle most different requests, such as new single-side grinding machines, the retrofit of an existing continuous polisher or a turn-key production line for custom parts.

Machinery & Plant Engineering

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