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Moulded Optics GmbH

Moulded Optics GmbH

Booth number: 4205-67

About us

Moulded Optics is a German company that is only one of the very few companies in the world that has been using blank moulding technology for the production of high-precision components of optical glass for OEMs and customers throughout the world.We offers a solution-driven approach to design, produce and implement precision glass, hybrid- glass and polymer for lighting applications, medical applications, automotive lighting and sensors, airfield lighting, optoelectronics, digital projection and laser application. We provide complete services starting from the designing of optical glass components to the production of prototypes with Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMM) followed by serial manufacturing in high quality measured and controlled production environment led by trained and experienced technical people.

double lens-Aspheric both side moulded for transmitter and receiver

Fly's eye lens for opto-electronic sensor application

Mirror for automotive application

Toroid mirror for beam shaping

Mirror for digital projection

Lens array for LED lighting application.


Moulded Optics GmbH
Stein Str.
35641 Schöffengrund

Phone:  +49 6445 6000

Contact person:

Pamela Bailey
Production /QA Manager
E-mail: info@mouldedoptics.com
Phone: +49 6444 56000-0

Products & Services

Moulded Optics, an established industry leader with nearly two decades of experience, stands out prominently in the realm of precision optical components. Specializing in the production of top-tier optical elements, such as lenses, prisms, and concave mirrors, our company has consistently demonstrated its excellence. What sets us apart is our pioneering use of a solutions-driven approach with blank moulding technology—an innovation that few companies worldwide can claim. Moulded Optics is a versatile leader in precision optical components. We specialize in producing high-quality optical elements, including lenses, prisms, and concave mirrors, for various industries. Our advanced blank-moulding technology enables cost-effective production, making us a top choice for industries like lighting technology, optoelectronics, digital projection, traffic control/runway lighting, medical technology, automotive, and polymer injection moulding,airfield lighting

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