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Non contact temperature measurement for the metal industry

IR Thermopile detectors for operating temperatures ranging from -20 to +180 °C used in Casting, forging or die forming: Sensors survey material temperatures for control and optimization of the entire process in metal production or processing.

MTS Thermopile detectors reliably determine the surface temperature at close and medium distances of metal on moving objects or objects that are difficult to access, in harsh environments or of fragile measurement targets.

In comparison to common packaging technologies, the filter of the MTS 1 Hightemp is soldered and therefore resistant to various environmental influences such as heat, aggressive gases or high humidity and allows operating temperatures between -20 and +180 °C. The IR detector MTS 1 TEMP provides excellent performance in contactless temperature measurement: best detectivity up to 7.2 x 108 cm x Hz1/2/W, high sensivity up to 295 V/W and short response times of typ. 30 ms.

The MTS 1 Hightemp is available as standard version in TO-39 housing in our webshop. Our sales team would be happy to advise you on customer-specific adaptations, such as other housings, filling gases or thermistors for compensation of the ambient temperature.

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Exhibitor: Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH


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