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Compact fiber-coupled amplifier modules - from NIR to visible spectral range

The FBH has developed compact fiber-coupled amplifier modules delivering several hundred milliwatt CW output power through polarization-maintaining single-mode fibers. The semiconductor-based amplifier systems are optionally available with nonlinear crystals to achieve visible laser output emission through second harmonic generation. To provide the necessary seed power, any arbitrary fiber-coupled laser source can be used. From only 50 mW input power at 1122 nm, for example, more than 450 mW output power is achieved. With the integrated nonlinear crystal, more than 200 mW output power is provided at 561 nm under the same input power conditions, meeting the requirements, for example, of super-resolution microscopy. All variants share the same butterfly-type packages with a footprint of only 47 x 34 mm² and industrial standard fiber connectors. The concept is not limited to a specific wavelength, and amplified output emission at nearly any wavelength in the range between 630 nm and 1180 nm can be realized.

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Exhibitor: Ferdinand-Braun-Institut gGmbH


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