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ELI ALPS and Class 5 Photonics tackle the next step in attosecond sources

The Extreme Light Infrastructure Attosecond Light Pulse Source (ELI ALPS) in Szeged, Hungary and Class 5 Photonics have signed a research and development contract for the new Mid-Infrared High-Energy (MIR-HE) laser and attosecond beamline (MIR-HE ATTO) at ELI ALPS.

ELI ALPS is a research facility providing cutting-edge laser systems and secondary sources for worldwide users. The focus of the institution is on so-called attosecond light pulses, an extreme form of laser light with two remarkable properties: These light pulses have a wavelength typically in the extreme ultraviolet region from 10 - 100 nm, thus allowing observations of nanometer scale objects. Further, the short light flashes have such extraordinarily short duration that even the motion of electrons can be captured (1 attosecond = 0.000000000000000001 seconds).

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Exhibitor: Class 5 Photonics GmbH


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