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NV200/D Net & PiSoWorks Amplifier Software

piezosystem jena has developed the next generation of smart controllers with a new software interface: The NV200/D Net - a digital piezo controller with a max output current of 400mA (peak current). With its 16-bit resolution and a noise level of 0.3mV, the NV 200/D Net guarantees fast response times and high positioning accuracy. The integrated new software PiSoWorks gives the user complete control over both the actuator and its motion profile. The user only needs one cable. The software allows for control of the actuator’s exact position, speed and open and closed loop control. The software includes a function generator for open and closed loop control. Thereby positions are stored in a data recorder.
It has two different modes, easy and advanced mode. Easy mode allows for quick function test. In the advanced mode there are several additional controlling options like PID controls, set-smooth and iterative learning control.

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Exhibitor: piezosystem jena GmbH


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