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Picosecond all-fiber OPO for coherent Raman imaging, rapidly tunable from 750 to 1600 nm in only 5ms

Refined Laser Systems is launching its all-fiber picosecond laser system featuring an unmatched combination of wavelength tuning range and tuning speed: the integrated OPO can be tuned in less than 5 ms between 750 and 980 nm (signal) and 1100 and 1600 nm (idler). The laser system is completely composed of all-spliced fiber-optics, ensuring a hands- and maintenance-free operation. With a footprint of 35x35x18 cm3, the air-cooled laser system is very mobile and ready to be integrated into any real-world application. The lack of free space components minimizes the impact of environmental factors and allows operating the system under mechanical acceleration of more than 25 m/s2, which typically arise during transportation or handling offside an optical table. The output power is above 150 mW for both signal and idler pulses and the pulse duration is 7 ps. Additionally, synchronized pump pulses (1020 – 1055 nm, 7ps) are delivered via a second output with an average power of 400 mW.

Exhibitor: Refined Laser Systems GmbH


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