Fietje Sensor- & Optoelektronik GmbH

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Fietje is a supplier of customer-specific LEDs, photodiodes and phototransistors for high accuracy optical sensors used in industrial automation and obsolete part replacement.

About us

The company Fietje Sensor- & Optoelektronik GmbH was established in 1994 as a distributor for optoelectronic parts of OPTEK Technology Inc. USA. In 2000 we changed our field of business to our own designed products. Fietje is a R&D fabless company with OEM known for its optoelectronic parts with high customized properties.

The product range includes highly selected binning light emitter diodes, photo diodes and photo transistors in the range of 2Фe 3°...130° viewing angle, which are offered in many THD (e.g. bended and cutted) and SMD packages. The design of high accuracy tools for production and the high binning performance guarantee the high quality of our products.

We offer the development of chip design and package design according to the customer request.

In our test laboratory we have a broad range of testing equipment for all necessary measurements of opto-characteristics in the wavelength range of 200 nm up to 4000 nm. We offer analysis of obsolate parts or others for replacements with higher accuracy or performance. Life time and ambient condition tests are also available.

Fietje Sensor- & Optoelektronik GmbH
Alte Dorfstr. 1E
18211 Retschow OT Glashagen

Phone: +49 38203 65633

Contact person

Corinna Freiberg
Phone: +49 38203 65633

Products & Services

  • Standard Through Hole Device (THD) Light Emitter Diodes (LED) in packages for replacements of obsolate and phase-out types with better performance and second source
  • Customized LED in Surface Mount Device (SMD) package 3535 ceramic
    (white or black LTCC) rectangular form with max. 7 different wavelength
    from 300nm-1650nm
  • Customized LED in Surface Mount Device octal form package 9090 ceramic (white LTCC) with max.14 wavelengths from 300nm-1650nm
  • High accuracy THD LED's in FQR6-serie with 2Фe in the range of 4°-25°
  • customized packaged LED with a full angle of 4 to about 130 degrees
  • THD Photodioden (PD) and Phototransistors (PT) with base contact with
    a full angle of 4 - 130 degrees
  • SMD PD and PT with base contact with 2.4mm and 1,85mm
  • Bended THD LED, PD &PT for vertical and horizontal SMD mounting
  • Services: bending, taping, cutting and wire soldering according customers drawings

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