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Piezo solutions for the semiconductor, photonics, and aerospace industries. Our technology is suited for positioning and scanning tasks, generating high forces and frequencies.

About us

piezosystem jena (PSJ) is a worldwide developer and manufacturer of high-precision piezo equipment. PSJ has a strong focus to create customized solutions for industrial and research applications. Through its more than 30 years of existence, PSJ has worked together with leading OEMs in the fields of semiconductor, photonics, metrology, aerospace, and the automotive industry. Together with our customers, we have developed systems that can achieve extreme levels of precision, high force generation, or stable high-frequency linear and tip-tilt movements. PSJ products include Stages and Actuators for positioning and frequency generation, used in microscopy, spectroscopy, laser positioning, 3D scanning, space applications, probes and wafer handling, and autofocus systems. PSJ's team of experts knows everything about motion and we share this passion with our customers. Reliability and excellent performance are the key factors of PSJ's success.

piezosystem jena GmbH
Stockholmer Str. 12
07747 Jena

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Yuri Toegemann
Nanopositioning Expert
piezosystem jena Inc.
1 Cabot Road, Suite 240
01749 Hudson

Phone: +1 5086 346688
Internet: www.piezosystem.com

Products & Services

  • Piezo actuators
  • Piezo stages (one to five-axis)
  • Tilting stages (one to three-axis)
  • Microscope objective positionier
  • Fiber gripper
  • Micrometer screw positioner
  • Fiber switches
  • Space systems
  • Linear drives
  • Shutter slit systems
  • Piezo shock generators
  • Piezo shakers
  • Piezo amplifier
Piezo Focus Positioner Series MIPOS

Piezo focus fine adjustment up to 600µm
Resolution 1nm
Parallelogram design with high resonant frequency in kHz range
Parallel motion inside the optical beam
Easy to attach on microscopes
Flexible use on different microscopes and in other optical systems
Cost-effective solution for fine adjustment on the microscope
Available as "upside-down" versions for inverse microscopes
Low Lateral Run-out in X and Y - only motion in the desired direction

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Fine Steering Mirror System PSH

Fast triple actuator tilting platform for components up to 50 mm in diameter
Different tilting angles for piezo steering mirror up to 40µm
Plus/minus tilting
kHz resonant frequency up to 1.5 kHz
Sub-µrad resolution
Additional z-axis piston movement
Optional position feedback sensor
Space application tested

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NV200/D Net Compact Amplifier

Ethernet connection for remote control
PiSoWorks software for comlete piezo control
USB-C interface
Real time SPI interface
Analog interfave
Trigger I/O
400mA peak current
Automatic Sensor Calibration (ASC function)
16bit resolution
Feedback control with adjustable PID or ILC controller
Low-pass filter and slew rate limiter
Arbitrary waveform generator
Data recorder

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News & Innovations

PAHS Actuators with Direct Transmission

The new actuator series PAHS from piezosystem jena achieves higher motion at only 20% more length than conventional actuators. With more than 4 times higher travel than normal piezo actuators, they are a perfect solution when space is limited but still high resolution requirements exist. They offer a similar repeatability as a standard system.

PAHS actuators operate with the same voltage band of 150V and can therefore easily be integrated into existing systems by using the same controllers and amplifiers from piezosystem jena.

Like the PAHL Series, these actuators have high blocking forces and can move large masses. They possess an integrated mechanical preload and their high resonant frequency guarantees short settling times. Therfore, PAHS actuators are an easy plug and play solution when space is critical.

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Combining open-loop speed with closed-loop accuracy: the iterative learning control (ILC) by piezosystem jena

Due to overshooting and hysteresis, the output curve from a piezoelectric actuator can differ from its input signal. The iterative learning control (ILC) method, as developed by piezosystem jena, determines the required setting curve by performing iterations and adjustments on measured curves. Besides the improvement of accuracy, ILC offers advantages such as the production of dynamic movement even above the system’s resonant frequency, and flexibility regarding changing conditions of, for example, load and temperature. In addition, there is no longer a need for users to have their systems recalibrated.

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NV200/D Net & PiSoWorks Amplifier Software
piezosystem jena has developed the next generation of smart controllers with a new software interface: The NV200/D Net - a digital piezo controller with a max output current of 400mA (peak current). With its 16-bit resolution and a noise level of 0.3mV, the NV 200/D Net guarantees fast response times and high positioning accuracy. The integrated new software PiSoWorks gives the user complete control over both the actuator and its motion profile. The user only needs one cable. The software allows for control of the actuator’s exact position, speed and open and closed loop control. The software includes a function generator for open and closed loop control. Thereby positions are stored in a data recorder.
It has two different modes, easy and advanced mode. Easy mode allows for quick function test. In the advanced mode there are several additional controlling options like PID controls, set-smooth and iterative learning control.
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