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PHOTON ENERGY develops and manufactures pulsed and ultra short pulsed lasers for industrial and medical applications and complete laser workstations.

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PHOTON ENERGY GmbH, an ISO 9001 certified German company provides solutions for laser material processing and precision micro-machining. PHOTON ENERGY develops and manufactures pulsed and ultra short pulsed lasers for industrial and medical applications. The compact nano-, pico- and femtosecond-DPSS-lasers are available as standalone and OEM versions. Besides laser sources PHOTON ENERGY offers also complete workstations and turnkey table top systems for marking and surface structuring applications, as well as for high precision micromachining.

PHOTON- ENERGY is A Hitachi Group Company since 2022.

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Products & Services

PHOTON ENERGY is a manufacturer of ultrashort pulse beam sources as well as laser materials processing systems for industrial and scientific applications. All our products are developed and assembled at our facilities in Germany. Our ultrashort pulse beam sources and laser workstations are especially well suited for blackmarking processes and micromachining applications like micro-drilling in glass or ceramics, glass cutting and microstructuring, LIPSS. Quality and reliability are our number one priority, nevertheless we pride ourself in having an extensive network of service partners around the globe.
Ultrashortpulse laser CEPHEUS

CEPHEUS is a compact ultrafast laser. The pulse width of this modelocked diode pumped solid state laser are typically below 15 ps. These ultrafast laser pulses induce nonlinear multi-photon absorption processes which to a large extent make the processing independent from laser wavelength. That means that nearly all materials, even those being transparent at the laser wavelength, can be processed.

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WORKSTATION is a universal laser processing cabinet for various marking, structuring and micro-machining applications up to 2.5D. It can be equipped with our ns-, ps- or fs-laser sources. It comes with a software-controlled z-axis. Additional options include a rotation axis or an X-Y-table. The large semiautomatic door and the z-axis vertical stroke of 300 mm enable laser processing of large and bulky objects.

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Femtosecond laser TAURUS

The TAURUS is a femtosecond laser with a laser pulse duration from 750 fs up to 10 ps. With > 10 µJ, the laser provides sufficient pulse energy for amazingly precise material processing without heat input. The ytterbium-based mode-locked fiber laser covers a wide pulse repetition rate range and allows rapid material processing at up to 3 MHz in addition to single pulses.

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News & Innovations

laser marking system PrecisionCube
The PrecisionCube is our newest and largest processing cabin that can be equipped with all of our nano-, pico- and femtosecond lasers. It is extremely stable due to its heavy granite base, making it ideal for particularly precise applications.

The wide cabin door is fully automatic, allowing ergonomic loading of large workpieces.

In addition, the PrecisionCube can be equipped with various application focusing heads, a vacuum table device and camera systems for shape detection.

The machine is controlled by the PHOTON PrecisionControl software with proven simple user guidance.

Femtosecond laser TAURUS
PHOTON ENERGY is introducing the femtosecond laser TAURUS as a new member of its ultrashort-pulsed laser family. It is a mode-locked fiber laser delivering laser pulses with a pulse duration as short as 750 fs. The customer can actually tune the pulse duration from 750 fs up to 10 ps for best process results. The pulse energy is 10 µJ and enough to ensure a highly precise micromachining process. Due to its very short pulse duration, the TAURUS laser does not create any heat inside or on the surface of the material; it is a purely cold process without any HAZ.

The repetition rate range of this Ytterbium based fiber laser starts from single shot and reaches up to 3 MHz enabling machining at a good pace. Of course the lasers offers burst mode and other standard operating modes.

The diode-pumped TAURUS can be integrated easily due to its compact size and the fact that it is totally air-cooled. The laser consists of laser head and power supply (19″ rack insert) which can be disconnected for installation and service purposes. For the laser head PHOTON ENERGY relies on the design of the CEPHEUS laser head which has proven its stability and robustness for many years. Further reading

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