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GWU-Lasertechnik is a German manufacturer of widely UV to IR tunable laser systems as well as a sales and service organization for optical components, lasers and laser accessories.

About us

GWU-Lasertechnik is a manufacturer of widely tunable laser systems as well as a sales and service organization for optical components and laser accessories. As a pioneer, GWU introduced the first commercial BBO Optical Parametric Oscillator (OPO) worldwide to the market in 1989. More than three decades later, based on its vast expertise in non-linear optics, GWU manufactures matured and industrial-grade, high-energy and ultrafast frequency conversion modules. Wavelengths from deep-UV to mid-IR can be covered seamlessly by rapid and precise tuning for a wide application range. Among many others, this especially includes photoacoustic imaging, laser spectroscopy and quantum optics. The broad portfolio is completed by laser crystals and non-linear crystals, as well as electro- and acousto-optical components. Due to its competence and superior service, GWU has established a broad base of satisfied customers in the industrial branch as well as in scientific research facilities worldwide.

GWU Lasertechnik
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Products & Services

GWU’s dedicated service helps to find the best core components for your application. Since GWU is not only a distributor but also a well-known manufacturer of laser devices, a wide knowledge and in-field experience can be shared to the advantage of its customers.

Our Portfolio includes:

  • OPOs and Ultrafast Devices
  • Laser Crystals and Non-linear Crystals
  • Laser Components
  • Acousto- and Electro-Optical Components
  • Fiber Lasers

Optical Parametric Oscillators
Frequency Converters
Ultrafast Lasers
Nonlinear Crystals
Laser Crystals
Optical Components
Laser Components
Harmonic Generators
Periodically-poled Crystals
Fiber Lasers

UHG-Series Harmonic Generator and Pulse Picker

Its vast expertise in non-linear optics enables GWU to provide tailored solutions for generating and manipulating ultra-short laser pulses at almost any wavelength. The Ultrafast Harmonic Generator (UHG) series is a flexible psec and fsec laser source for versatile applications. Complete automation for hands-free operation and integrated pulse picking are optionally available. The complete functional range is integrated in one compact box.

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Tunable Lasers for Photoacoustics

GWU’s new generation of tunable Laser-OPO systems has been designed with the focus on photoacoustic applications. All-integrated platforms ensure maximum reliability and best usability. The tuning range addresses the absorption of the most important chromophores in the near IR. Real-time wavelength tuning and energy monitoring reduce measurement time and provide full information. Fiber coupling ensures convenient beam delivery.

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scanSeries OPOs

Based on non-linear crystals, GWU develops and manufactures frequency conversion devices for q-switched Nd:YAG lasers. The 5th generation of BBO-OPOs has been completely re-designed. The primoScan OPO Series are high-energy devices, tunable from DUV to Mid-IR for versatile applications. An innovative automation concept allows for fast wavelength tuning with high precision covering the entire range. Even higher efficiencies can be obtained due to the new optical layout.

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News & Innovations

UHG Pulse Picker for Ultrafast Lasers
The pulse selector option for the UHG-Series offers a Bragg cell for the highest output powers and contrast ratio. The system is suitable for femtosecond and picosecond pulses with high input powers, without requiring any attenuation. Integral pulse selecting from single shot to 40 MHz with adjustable contrast ratio is possible by a convenient software control. The UHG Pulse Selector is either available as standalone version or it can be integrated in our Harmonic Generator, where it is positioned before all harmonic stages to offer all features in a single compact housing. The UHG series is a flexible system suitable for a variety of scientific applications requiring access to a wide spectrum of femtosecond or picosecond laser pulses.

UHG Pulse Selector Features and Benefits:
• Modular design: Standalone version or integrated in Harmonic Generator
• High pulse picking efficiency
• Adjustable contrast ratio
• Suitable for high fs/ps power
• Convenient and user-friendly software control Further reading
All-integrated, tunable Lasers for science and industry!
GWU’s new OPO generation has been designed with the focus on the requirements of photoacoustic applications. All-integrated Laser-OPO platforms ensure maximum reliability and best usability.

Photoacoustic applications employ high-energy laser pulses to generate ultrasound waves in biological tissue. Variable wavelengths allow for exciting different chromophores and multi-spectral imaging for better resolution and higher depth penetration. The tuning range of our new OPOs addresses the absorption of the most important chromophores in the near IR. Fast, shot-to shot wavelength tuning and real-time energy monitoring reduce measurement time and provide full device information. Prepared for fiber coupling, our Lasers ensure convenient beam delivery. The intuitive programming interface allows for straight forward machine or setup integration.
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