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Scansonic offers systems and solutions in the fields of laser welding, laser brazing and laser hardening as well as precise sensors for quality monitoring. The products are used especially in the automotive industry, rail vehicle construction and energy technology. For laser-based joining systems in body construction, Scansonic sets industrial standards.

Scansonic is member of Berlin. Industrial.Group.

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SCeye Process Monitoring

SCeye® is a fully integrated process monitoring system for Scansonic´s welding and brazing heads to enable reduced setup times and increased productivity. The system combines an innovative illumination module with a high-speed camera. Without affecting the accessibility of the optics, the system acquires high resolution images during mass production, which can be used for process and quality control purposes. It allows a full documentation of the process behaviour and the product quality.


The ALO (adaptive laser optic) is a laser processing head for challenging brazing and welding applications. The patented integrated tactile seam tracking process allows the ALO3 to find the beginning of seam accurately and to guide the process precisely along the seam. Thereby the component allowances are automatically balanced. The ALO3 is based on the scapacs® modular system providing a large variety of possible configurations and combination options.


The RLW-A (remote laser welding adaptive) is an innovative laser processing head for no-contact welding of fillet seams. The integrated highly dynamic seam tracking system ensures reliable finding and tracking of seam. The spot size can be adapted and also be fitted during the process by using the autofocus. RLW-A enables seam guided laser remote welding with automated gap bridging. Fully integrated SCeye® process monitoring reduces setup times and increases productivity.

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News & Innovations


The all new ALO4 can be customized for all individual tactile brazing and welding applications. Benefits:

  • Fully integrated wire-feeder-system for easy handling via optics’ user interface
  • New optics control with integrated protective glass monitoring, media flow control and triggering of laser source
  • Intuitive graphical user interface and recipe selection enable fast process parameter adjustment and easy data transfer to other optics
  • Backup and restore of process parameters
  • Shorter start-up times, faster optic exchange and more efficient service through plug-and-play hardware and interface architecture
  • Responding to industries’ increasing connectivity and documentation requirements by extended recording of process and optics system data
  • Video capturing for detailed process observation, faster optics set-up, precise and fast fault diagnostics

Motor driven lateral adjustment ensures constant seam quality to address diverse beam-to-wire positions and/or alternating body designs on a single production line

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