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PRIMES GmbH produces measuring devices for the characterization of laser beam parameters such as power, beam profile, focused and raw beam propagation as well as beam quality.

About us

PRIMES has more than 25 years of experience in the development of diagnostics solution for the complete range of laser technology and especially in custom tailored OEM beam analysis devices and absorbers. We offer laser beam diagnostics for quality assurance in industrial manufacturing, maintenance, trouble shooting and also for R & D applications. Our focus lies on measuring devices for the characterization of CO2-, solid state-, fiber- and diode lasers used for material processing and scientific applications. The applications range from micro processing to heavy industry. The mixture of several MW pulse power, just a few micron spot diameter and the time range from femto seconds up to cw operations has led to a new generation of PRIMES instruments especially for wavelengths from UV to NIR. The field bus interface of several PRIMES systems offers the possibility for an easy integration into a laser machine.

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Products and services

  • FocusMonitor FM+ (3D beam profiling of focused beams)
  • BeamMonitor BM+ (beam profiling of unfocussed beams - 100mm clear aperture)
  • PowerMeasuringModule PMM (power monitoring in production)
  • MicroSpotMonitor MSM (measuring the caustic of pulsed lasers > 10µm spot diameter)
  • LaserQualityMonitor LQM+ (analyzing the raw beam propagation – direct fiber measurement)
  • PowerMonitor PM (long term power monitoring up to 25kW)
  • CompactPowerMonitor CPM (light weight power meter for fiber lasers)
  • PocketMonitor PMT (mobile and compact power meter)
  • PowerMeasuringCassette PMC (compact power meter for protective window slots)
  • FocusParameterMonitor FPM (power and focus monitoring in production)


The Cube is the latest PRIMES product, intended for the ballistic measurement of NIR laser power from 25 W to 8 kW. The device particularly distinguishes itself by its compact design (60 x 65 x 65 mm), which enables the use in confined spaces.

It is equipped with an integrated Bluetooth interface for wireless communication. A special app enables wireless control by means of a tablet or a smartphone as well as the graphical display and the storage of measured values.

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ScanFieldMonitor SFM

Find out everything worth knowing about your production parameters in less than 3 seconds from the SFM. You’ll soon find that it is as innovative and creative as the 3D production industry itself. A revolutionary patented measuring process from PRIMES for additive manufacturing processes characterized by a small glass structure, a compact design, and our innovative measuring principle make the SFM a multifaceted, nimble handheld turbo for laser beam diagnostics and process optimization.

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FocusMonitor FM+ HPD

As the latest innovation in the FocusMonitor family, PRIMES introduces the FM+ HPD.

Through continuous development and the special design of the new measuring principle FS³, it is now possible to measure and evaluate laser beams with very high power densities of up to 50 MW/cm2. Here, beam diameters of 100 μm – 1 200 μm can be evaluated. The revolutionary design and the new functionality of the FocusMonitor FM+ HPD are available for beam sources in the wavelength range of 1.0 – 1.1 μm.

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