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About us

NANEO is specialized in the production of custom made optical coatings for high quality optics in industry and science. Your needs are spectrally, technically, or environmentally challenging - NANEO should be your first solution.

We produce high quality optical coatings for applications in the fields of high power lasers, optical measurement systems, telecommunication, aerospace and for scientific research. NANEO gives you high precision hard coated optics with an enormous durability and environmental robustness.

Our production is mainly customer orientated and we only keep a small stock. For a better overview we devided our products into different NANEO product groups

Products and services

  • AR / Anti Reflection Coating
  • ARL / Anti Reflection Coating <0,02%
  • ARBB / Broad Band Anti Reflection Coating
  • BS / Beam Splitter
  • BSN / Neutral Beam Splitter
  • BSDC / Dispersion-Controlled Beam Splitter
  • BSPP / Phase-Polarization-Controlled Beam Splitter
  • BCP / Beam Combiner Polarization
  • BCW / Beam Combiner Wave Length
  • HDM / High Dispersion Mirror
  • HR / High Reflection Mirror
  • HRBB / Broad Band High Reflection Mirror
  • GVD / Group Velocity Dispersion Mirror
  • OC / Output Coupler
  • OCBB / Broad-Band Output Coupler
  • OCGF / Gain-Flattening Output Coupler
  • PR / Partial Laser Reflector
  • TFP / Thin-Film-Polarizer Mirror

NANEO Precision IBS Coatings GmbH
Heuriedweg 31 A
88131 Lindau

Phone: +49 8382 9113950
Fax: +49 8382 9113399
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Contact person

Christian Breuss
Operations Manager
Phone: +49 8382 9113950
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