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Multiphoton Optics is a global supplier for High Precision 3D Printing Equipment for additive and subtractive manufacturing processes.

About us

The innovative high-tech company Multiphoton Optics GmbH in Würzburg, Germany was founded in 2013. The company offers the High Precision 3D Printer LithoProf3D® for additive, subtractive and hybrid manufacturing as well as prototyping and engineering service along the entire value chain. Its core competences in materials, laser technology, manufacturing process, hardware and software are supported by a solid IP portfolio.

Clients worldwide from industry and research get support for further improving and creating novel applications and participate in the growth markets of the 21st century: medical devices, micromechanics, augmented/virtual reality, autonomous driving, mobile devices, high performance and quantum computing, lighting, imaging and sensors.

Multiphoton Optics
Friedrich-Bergius-Ring 15
97076 Würzburg

Phone: +49 931 90879200

Products and services

LithoProf3D® – Equipment for High Precision 3D Printing for applications in optics/photonics, life sciences, biomedicine, mask fabrication, etc. The system uses the software LithoStream3D for controlling the equipment and LithoSoft3D as intelligent slicer.

LithoSoft3D – Slicer software to create GCodes, designing of structures with different fabrication strategies, stl repair feature, etc. The slicer is part of the LithoProf3D equipment, but it is also available as stand-alone product

LithoP&E – Prototyping and engineering support for industry, institutes, and universities. Consulting Service, e.g. implementation of conventional process technologies (two-dimensional) and three-dimensional process technologies (High Precision 3D Printing, 3D printing) for a large variety of materials in production environments – from the conceptual phase to the implementation.

Highly Complex Structures

With our High Precision 3D Printing Technology we are capable of fabricating highly complex structures in one process without the need for assembly. This picture of a fully functional clockwork can be shown by courtesy of Rolf Lang Clock Manufacture, Dresden.

Biomedical Application

Biomedical Engineering is just one of the various applications our technology is suited for. Pictured here is a microfluidic reactor.


The LithoProf3D®-GSII is the first modularly built High Precision 3D printer which cannot only produce complex micro optics on assemblies and wafer level without the need to assemble, but also includes a hybrid production process. Additive and subtractive processes can be run in the same equipment, from polymer to glass to metal.

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