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micro resist technology GmbH is specialized in providing high performance resists, polymers, photopolymers and ancillaries. Our products are applied in key technologies like micro-optics and nano-photonics, microsystems technologies, microelectronics, as well as in life sciences. Serving the global high-tech markets our products enable processes like UV, Laser, X-ray, and e-beam lithography, nanoimprint lithography as well as associated patterning technologies. We are committed to advance our product portfolio by continuously innovating new products as well as preparing tailored solutions for our customer’s technological demands.

Products and services

micro resist technology offers a broad portfolio of high performance UV-curable hybrid polymer for micro-optics manufacture. Their excellent optical transparency and high thermal stability makes them perfectly suitable for the production of polymer-based optical components and waveguides. The main fields of application are micro lenses, diffractive optical elements (DOE), gratings, and single-mode or multi-mode waveguides. Furthermore, the portfolio is completed by offering greyscale photoresists for pattern origination as well as nanoimprint materials for optical grating fabrication, to name a few addtional examples.
Micro-optical component made of optical grade UV-curable hybrid polymer

Greyscale photoresist pattern by direct laser writing for replication master fabrication

Replicated micro-lens array in OrmoComp® (with courtesy of NIL Technology)

micro resist technology GmbH
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