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Lumics, founded in 2000 and headquartered in Berlin, is a global key player for design and manufacturing of high power diode lasers. Own in-house capabilities span the entire value chain from chip level up to fiber-coupled laser modules and complete system solutions based on single emitter technology.

The product range comprises multi & single mode diode lasers from 670nm up to 1940nm. The LuOcean series offers the widest choice of both mono & multiple wavelengths, sensors and accessories, with output powers ex fiber from 1W up to 800W. Proprietary driver boards and heat management solutions complement the offering.

Other industry solutions include 2-pin TO220 package up to 12W and ultra-compact free-beam package to be mounted to a PCB board.

All lasers are field proven and 100% individually tested. Additional features allow for perfect adaptation to numerous applications in Medical & Life Sciences, Material Processing, Analytics, Sensing, Metrology, Seeding/Pumping, Illumination, etc.

Products and services

Diode laser modules in the NIR, fiber coupled, single or multi mode
Wavelength range 670nm – 1940nm direct diode
Power single mode up to 1200mW peak
Power multi mode 1W --> 800W freely scalable

  • Different package sizes, best footprint/performance ratio
  • Freely customizable accessories: red or green pilot, power sensor, fiber plug sensor, temperature sensor, protection window
  • Up to four wavelengths independently controllable in one module
  • SMA905 or D80 connector for detachable fibers for all multi emitter packages
  • High brightness, low current, passive cooling or tab water cooling
  • Proprietary OEM laser drivers, TEC drivers, heat management solutions
  • Hermetically sealed TO220 multi mode package, non detachable fiber with APC ferrule or connectorized termination
  • Ultra-compact free-beam package to be mounted to a PCB board.

High reliability: MTTF up to >100.000 hrs, maintenance free
Superior quality: ISO 9001:2015 certified in-house production
Own chip and module fab in Berlin/Germany

High-power LuOcean™ M4

Powerful LuOcean™ M4 diode laser module as latest addition to the LuOcean™ product family. Offers high power levels up to 800W. Single emitters electrically wired in series for low current despite of high power levels.

Water supply connectors on case for tab water cooling. Optional fiber connector cooling terminal.

Available wavelength range spans from 760nm up to 1940nm. Fiber port SMA or D80 for detachable fibers from 200µm - 1000µm. Multi-wavelength modules possible.

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LuOcean™ OEM Driver Kit

Proprietary OEM driver designed for Lumics’ LuOcean™ diode laser modules. Built-in protective features, industry standard RS232 interface. Full digital access and control to all functions of laser module. Full laser diode protection.

Freely configurable and stackable: single PCB controller board, up to 6 laser driver boards, up to 2 TEC drivers. Current range 0.3A up to 28A, pulse widths down to 200µs, possibility to synchronize driver boards.

Can be complemented with Lumics’ TEC chiller plates.

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LuOcean™ Mini Series

Ultra-compact LuOcean™ Mini4 and Mini8 models. Powers up to 70W respectively 130W at exit of detachable fibers. Designed for fiber cores from 100µm - 1000µm. Standard wavelengths range from 670nm up to 1940nm. More wavelengths on request.

Particular interest finds direct 1940nm with powers up to 15W.

Up to 4 wavelengths possible in one device yet individually controllable.

Freely selectable features (pilot beam, power monitor, fiber sensor, temperature sensor). Two-fold possible for redundancy.

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