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LightFab produces 3D micro-structured glass parts using an innovative laser process: Selective laser-induced etching is a subtractive 3D printing process enabling higher precision and larger design freedom than additive printing.

Our job-shop produces glass precision parts from your 3D CAD file.
LightFab offers the fastest high precision machine for 3D glass parts: The LightFab 3D Printer, which can be used for machining of transparent materials, for additive micro printing by 2-photon-polymerization, for waveguide writing by refractive index change inside glass and for welding of glasses. Our innovative CAD/CAM/nc software chain enables easy printing of various 3D CAD formats (step, iges, ...), adaptive slicing, job execution with scripts and control of all processing parameters. Furthermore LightFab offers tailored mass-production machines optimized for throughput, development of customized machine software tools and integration of our technology into the production line.

Products and services

LightFab 3D Printer - the fastest high precision machine for 3D printing glass is available as scientific and as manufacturing version for

SLE: 3D lithography by selective laser etching of glasses or crystals
2-photon-polymerization: 3D lithography of photosensitive materials
3D waveguide writing by refractive index change
Glass welding at internal interfaces
3D laser inscription: Crack free markings inside glasses
Laser ablation from the backside of the material

LightFab's service is the production of 3D glass precision parts from customers CAD data e.g. for electronics, chemistry, biology, medicine, automotive and more. Examples are complex 3D nozzles, micro-fluidics for cell-sorting and fine mechanics for optics.
Cell-sorter: 3D microfluidics in quartz glass

Thanks to the large precision and the superior design freedom enabled by SLE (selective laser etching, a subtractive 3D printing process) 3D microfluidics are produced in quartz glass.

Tunnels of variable diameter, bridges, injection nozzles, connectors and the outer shape are all produced at once and result e.g. in a cell-sorting device based on 3D hydrodynamic focusing and laser sorting.

We produce also your 3D design for you.

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Precision mechanics: Threads in quartz

You need a 3D part with micrometer precision, superior design freedom than available in additive manufacturing or the material must be quartz glass? Our SLE technology is making that possible and our production service is not very expensive.

You want to produce such parts on your own? Get the LightFab 3D Printer from us or our tailored mass-production machine in case you need really a lot of 3D parts. Thanks to LightFab glass 3D printing is not a niche for prototypes only anymore.

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LightFab 3D Printer

The LightFab 3D Printer is a full grown extremely fast and precise machine to produce 3D glass devices by internal modification with ultrafast laser radiation. It is especially useful for mask-less 3D writing with micro/nano focus inside transparent materials.

The machine is so fast because every axis exists twofold: One fast set for dynamic motion of the focus in 3D and a high precision axes system for large movements (scientific version: 120x80x35 mm, manufacturing version: 200x200x150 mm).

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