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Since 1921, the name of Hauser has been a guarantee for high quality and precision in the optical industry. Through the use of our state-of-the-art machinery, our in-house moulding facility and production methods which we have also in some cases developed ourselves, we are able to manufacture products for all optical applications in the fields of lighting and sensor technology, right up to high-precision microlenses. Our company processes high expertise in the field of precision sphere production. Our proprietary production process enables us to offer spheres and half-spheres made to the highest precision from a wide range of materials.

Products and services

Our company specializes in the production of following products. Light optics and optics for electronic applications: Aspherical and spherical lenses made by one-sided moulding; spherical and cylindrical lenses in ground and polished finish, plane and concave mirrors and many other moulded glass parts, mostly made from B 270 or LIBA 2000, on request also with optional coating.

Precision optics:  
Precision optical lenses, achromates, prisms and spheres as well as other components in precision optical finish, with optional coating, and also prototypes.

Precision spheres:  
Highest-quality precision spheres with diameters ranging from less than 0.5 mm to 100 mm for fibre-optic couplings, laser and micro-optics as well as many other optical and electronic applications. On request, also with coating from specific wavelengths right up to broadband.

Drum lenses:  
Drum lenses manufactured from precision balls made from all types of optical glass. Diametric tolerance ± 0.02 mm (or smaller on request)

Optics for light and electronic applications

Through our in-house moulding facility, we are able to offer made by one or two-sided blank moulding process aspherical, spherical, toric lenses as well mirror and other moulded glass products in a diameter ranging from ( 3 mm - 110 mm ) mostly made from B 270, Borosilicate, F2 or LIBA 2000+ for light and sensor applications in a wide variety of designs (e.g. with openings, edgings, perforations, contours, double lenses, multiple lenses etc. ). On request with optional coating.

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Precision Spheres

Through or production process, we are able to supply spheres and half-spheres as well as sphere segments with diameters ranging from less than 0.5 mm to 100 mm in highest precision. We are also able to manufacture in mini-series. We produce spheres made from all types of technical and optical glass, quartz, silicon, borosilicate glass as well as synthetic materials, ceramics and metal. FIELDS OF APPLICATION : Fibre optic couplings, Laser and microoptics , Sensorik, Endoscopy, Dosing pumps,etc.

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Precision Optics

Working to your samples or drawings and with the aid of our CNC, grinding and polishing machines, we are able to produce lenses in a precision optical finish as well as other optical components made from all optical glasses for use in all kinds of equipment.
All lenses can be supplied on request with reflective or anti-reflective coating for specific wavelengths right up to broadband in hardened finish.
We can also produce prototypes on request.

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J. Hauser GmbH & Co. KG
Steinstr. 4 A
35606 Solms

Phone: +49 6442 93883-0
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Internet: www.hauser-optik.de
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Contact person

Michaela Diehl
Assistant to the General Managers
Phone: +49 6442 93883-13
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News & Innovations

In 2015 one of the biggest challenges in the history of HAUSER OPTIK and also an extremely exciting project started: The PHYSICALLY - TECHNICAL FEDERAL INSTITUTE (PTB), Braunschweig, has been developing the new Standard Kilogram, which shall replace the actual one, stored in Paris since 1889. The demands on the new Standard Kilogram, which will be manufactured from pure silicon, are extremely challenging, especially concerning the roundness (< 20nm) and the surface roughness (Ra < 0,1nm). HAUSER OPTIK is the only partner from PTB worldwide, which is involved in this project concerning the production of this silicon sphere.
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