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From optical sensing to information technology – this is the range of solutions developed at HHI.

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Innovations for the digital society of the future are the focus of our research and development work at the Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications, Heinrich Hertz Institute, HHI. In this area, Fraunhofer HHI is a world leader in the development for mobile and optical communication networks and systems as well as processing and coding of video signals.

Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institut HHI
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Products and services

A major aim of HHI’s R&D is to apply new technologies for high capacity optical communications. The scope of photonic components offered by HHI includes LEDs, Lasers, fast photodiodes as well as novel InP based THz.

For customer-specific photonic solutions with virtually unlimited applications, HHI provides two photonic integration platforms: an InP foundry service for monolithic integration as well as HHI’s flexible hybrid-integrated PolyBoard platform.

High-Speed Photodetector Modules for 1Tb/s

Components for 1Tb/s Transmission and Microwave Photonics

Fraunhofer HHI provides single and balanced photodetector modules with a bandwidth up to 145 GHz operating from the O- to the L-band. The intended application for the modules is test and measurement. For the application of microwave photonics dedicated high-power photodetector modules are presented.

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InP Foundry Services - Generic InP Foundry Platform

An InP technology to cover a vast variety of monolithic or hybrid integration solutions.

The generic InP integration platform at Fraunhofer HHI continues to be extended. Latest upgrades include components for handling of optical polarization as well as general performance upgrades. Fraunhofer HHI offers an InP platform that integrates receivers (40GHz), transmitters (20GHz) and (1dB/cm) passive components. Partners offer services for design work and packaging

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Terahertz Real-time layer thickness measurements

Terahertz radiation is increasingly employed for industrial process monitoring and material inspection. The layer thickness of coatings, the structure of polymers or imperfections in non-conductive materials can be determined.
We present a live demonstration of our continuous-wave system T-Sweeper. The measurement rate of up to 60 points per second allows for thickness measurements in real time, which makes the T-Sweeper a cost-efficient and robust alternative to pulsed THz systems.

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