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Cubert GmbH have been developing and manufacturing hyperspectral snapshot cameras for almost a decade. With these cameras, a complete three-dimensional data cube, the hyperspectral image, is taken within a blink of an eye. The snapshot optical technology has been the foundation for the development of the Cubert cameras, allowing time-saving hyperspectral image acquisition. These innovative cameras are being used in a wide range of applications from UAV-based remote sensing measurements to lab-based imaging integrated with microscopes.

With the launch of the ULTRIS camera Cubert is now taking hyperspectral snapshot imaging to the next level, combining light field imaging with the ability to distinguish between multiple wavelengths. The light field approach creates a vast number of images, each equipped with its unique optical filter. Integrating this with an Ultra HD 20 Megapixel CMOS sensor results in the ULTRIS being the highest resolved imaging spectrometer.

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Hyperspectral Video Cameras for Industrial Imaging, Machine Vison, Real-Time Classification, Quality Control, Food Inspection, Precision Farming, Disease Control, Yield Estimation, Environmental Monitoring, Medical Imaging and much more.

The Cubert ULTRIS S20 breaks new ground as the first HSI camera that is based on the light field technology. The camera features an Ultra-HD CMOS sensor with 20 MP. It has a native resolution of 400x400 pixel, resulting in an impressive 160,000 spectra, each with 100 spectral bands covering 450-850nm, taken in a single snapshot. ULTRIS has a 12-bit sensor, allowing an identification of small differences in spectral intensity with remarkably low noise.

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Bringing Light Field to Hyperspectral Imaging

The Cubert ULTRIS breaks new ground as the first HSI camera that is based on the light field technology. The camera features an Ultra-HD CMOS 20 MP sensor, making it the imaging spectrometer with the world-wide highest available resolution.

The ULTRIS records an object with a multitude of images, each with its own optical bandpass filter with a different center wavelength. This is made possible by combining a continuously-variable bandpass filter with a lenslet array.

Applying this concept to the UHD sensor, the unprecedented number of 160,000 spectra is acquired simultaneously.
With its mass of less than 350g, the camera is designed for an easy handling onboard a UAV.

To meet the requirements of harsh industrial environment, a special ruggedized housing is available with IP65, ensuring a high robustness. Upgrade the ULTRIS to waterproof IP68 and use it underwater to a depth of 5m.

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