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CryLaS GmbH offers passively Q-switched pulsed nanosecond lasers from 213 to 1064 nm, and cw lasers at 266 nm for OEM integration and demanding scientific applications.

About us

CryLaS is a globally reckoned manufacturer of diode pumped solid-state lasers. CryLaS lasers are compact and robust, plug & play systems designed for OEM integration and use as stand-alone devices in lab environments and in demanding scientific applications. Contained in sealed aluminum housings the lasers are suited for operation in a wide range of environmental conditions. Thousands of lasers are in industrial operation since many years. The product portfolio includes passively Q-switched microchip pulsed lasers from 213 to 1064 nm, and DUV cw lasers at 266 nm.

CryLaS lasers combine excellent beam quality, long term stability, low noise and a very compact design with outstanding workmanship and superior product quality. Located in Berlin, Germany, CryLaS serves customers in more than 35 countries worldwide. In addition to the experienced and technically capable direct sales and support team, CryLaS maintains a sales office in the US, and works with distributors in Asia and Europe.

CryLaS GmbH
Ostendstr. 25
12459 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 53042400
Fax: +49 30 53042444

CryLaS Inc.
47635 Lakeview Blvd.
Fremont, CA 94538

Phone: +1 877 324-4854

Products and services

The product portfolio of CryLaS includes:

  • DUV cw lasers at 266 nm, with up to 500 mW output power, < 300 kHz linewidth, 1000 m coherence length, for UV Raman spectroscopy, wafer inspection, FBG writing and photoluminescence.
  • Pulsed microchip lasers at 213, 266, 355, 532 and 1064 nm, around 1 ns pulse width, μJ up to 3 mJ pulse energy, very compact, for micro-dissection, laser glass marking, MALDI-TOF, Raman spectroscopy, laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), photo dissociation, laser induced fluorescence (LIF), ion mobility spectroscopy, and as pump source for dye and semiconductor lasers.

CryLaS lasers combine excellent beam quality, long term stability, low noise and a very compact design with outstanding workmanship and superior product quality.

Compact cw laser at 266 nm - FQCW266-10-C

The new compact cw laser FQCW266-10-C offers 10 mW output power at 266 nm wavelength with less than 300 kHz line width. Based on a patented design, the diode pumped, frequency quadrupled laser comes as self-contained and sealed plug and play unit leading to high reliability and excellent stability. Applications include photoluminescence, UV Raman spectroscopy, laser induced fluorescence, as well as metrology and optics testing. Other models with up to 500 mW output power are also available.

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Sub-nanosecond Pulsed 213 nm Laser - eMOPA213-20

The pulsed laser eMOPA213-20 offers sub-nanosecond pulses with energies up to 20 µJ at 213 nm wavelength. The peak power reaches 20 kW while the average power is as high as 20 mW. The diode pumped, frequency converted laser comes with an internal optical amplifier and is self-contained in a compact and sealed housing. Applications include marking of transparent materials, spectroscopy, laser induced fluorescence, semiconductor research, and Excimer laser replacement.

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