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Broadcom Inc. is a global technology leader. Broadcom provides a wide range of ingenious optical sensors solutions including Spectroscopy, SiPM and ToF

About us

Broadcom Inc. is a global technology leader that designs and develops a broad range of semiconductor & infrastructure software solutions. Next to center networking and storage we offer an innovative range of sensor solutions.

Spectroscopy is one of these new product lines. We offer ultra-compact UV-VIS-NIR spectrometers to target high volume markets and to meet highest production and reliability standards. With mobility in mind Broadcom´s spectrometer families support measurements between 190 and 1700 nm with high optical performance. The modules are designed with focus on flexible & easy industrial integration.

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Products and services

Broadcom presents ultra compact spectroscopy for real-life applications with high focus on flexible industrial integration. Three product families support wavelengths in UV, VIS and NIR ranges. The brand new Qneo platform will cover 950 - 1700 nm and is designed to target high volume markets and to meet highest production and reliability standards.

Broadcom´s UV VIS NIR Spectrometers

Qseries spectrometers - matchbox size yet powerful spectroscopy for mobile analysis & industrial integration.

AFBR-S20W1XX - Qwave: 190 - 1100 nm
AFBR-S20M2XX - Qmini: 190 - 1030 nm
AFBR-S20NXXX - Qneo: 950 - 1700 nm (samples available)

The ingenious technology package features:

• Wavelengths ranges between 190 & 1700 nm
• Strong optical performance
• Highest production & reliability standards
• Free software, SDK & various serial interfaces
• OEM versions & without electronics

Silicon PhotoMultipliers SiPM

Broadcom's Silicon photomultipliers are aiming at ultra-fast and single photon counting applications. We offer two different technologies:
• the NUV-HD technology for applications in the near-UV and visible range
• the NIR-UHD technology, in advanced development stage, with at high sensitivity at relevant LiDAR-wavelengths in the near-IR range.

Both technologies comprise high PDE with high dynamic range, excellent uniformity of breakdown-voltage and very short recovery times.

News & Innovations

Latest Broadcom SiPM technology sets new performance standards for LiDAR

Broadcom broadens its portfolio of innovative optical sensors. Broadcom's new Silicon photomultipliers (SiPM) have been especially designed to meet the challenging requirements in automotive and industrial LiDAR applications. The underlying NIR-UHD SiPM technology shows an unprecedented performance by combining a high PDE of 18% at 905 nm with a recharge time of 10 ns. High dynamic range is achieved with the smallest cell size, while a low dark countrate, low cross-talk and after-pulsing probability are making the NIR-UHD SiPM the perfect detector for high performing LiDAR applications.

A long experience in semiconductor production and packaging for automotive and industrial customers make Broadcom a perfect partner for your demanding LiDAR applications. Broadcom NIR-UHD SiPM performance:
- PDE at 905 nm: 18%
- Recharge time constant: < 10 ns
- Single photon time resolution: 500 ps
- Smallest cell size
- DCR: 600 kHz/mm2
- Direct cross-talk: < 20%
- Samples Available

Qneo new product development small industrial NIR spectrometer between 950 - 1700 nm- evaluation samples available -

We are successfully designing spectroscopy for flexible and reliable integration into your OEM system. The brand new platform for industrial NIR measurements is called Qneo.

The Qneo is developed to target high volume markets with flexible serial interfaces and to meet highest production and reliability standards.

This devices comprises a full package of mechanic, electronic, optic and software to make integration easy and quick.

Features of this innovative spectrometer platform are:

- Spectral wavelengths range: 950 - 1700 nm
- Strong optical resolution:
HiRes (256 pixel sensor): 8 nm
LoRes (128 pixel sensor): 12 nm
- Complementary evaluation software & SDK
- Serial interfaces: USB, UART, SPI
- Small dimensions: 60 x 50 x 19 mm
- OEM versions & modules without electronic board

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