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AMTRON GmbH develops and markets high-quality laser-diode power supplies, controllers, turnkey systems, process control solutions for laser manufacturers, system integrators, R&D.

About us

AMTRON GmbH develops and markets high-quality laser-diode power supplies, laser-diode controllers, laser-diode turnkey systems and process monitoring/control solutions. Clients include laser manufacturers, system integrators and R&D specialists using Amtron systems in machining or medical technology around the globe. Apart from high-end products with integrated process control, simple applications are also provided by Amtron models, which never-the-less feature all of the necessary functions for deployment in industry. Most popular product families are CS400 series turnkey laser-diode controllers, CS100/CM100 series OEM laser-diode power supply modules, PM200 laser power monitors, and SE200/SE400 pyrometry solutions for fast process monitoring and control.

Amtron GmbH
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Products and services

  • CM100 OEM diode-laser controller modules - power supplies for system integration.
    These ultra-compact devices produce power ranging up to 24.5 kW. With housings available in various forms, they supply laser diode bars with up to 350A CW or 800A in pulse mode. For single emitter laser diodes they supply suitably high-resolution current at voltages of up to 120V. Available with air cooling or integrated water cooling.

  • Pyrometer series SE400 with spatially resolved pyrometry.
    Fast Process temperature measurement series with up to 15 mini pyrometers with a central pyrometer controller for coordinated control of concurrent processes, e.g. for simultaneous welding. Connection to galvo-scanner for the simultaneous detection of the laser position.

  • Power sensors series PM200.
    The digital power sensors PM200 take power measurements directly at the processing point. By providing feedback to the laser-diode controller, they enable precise control of the current for constant processing performance.
LS400 laser diode system - plug’n’play solution for laser processing

The LS series devices integrate the laser diodes from renowned manufacturers in user-friendly systems for the direct machining of materials or as intelligent pumps for solid-state lasers. TEC air cooling (TEC – Thermo Electric Cooling) for laser diodes up to 120W CW optical output power enables the laser temperature to be regulated precisely and is maintenance free.

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CM100 OEM diode-laser controller modules – power supplies for system integration

The housing of these ultra-compact devices is the size of a paper-back book and they produce power ranging up to 24kW with an outstanding efficiency of up to 97%. With housings available in various forms, they supply laser diode bars with up to 350A CW or 800A in pulse mode. For single emitter laser diodes they supply suitably high-resolution current at voltages of up to 120V easily controlled via web browser. Devices of the CM100 series are available with air- or integrated water cooling.

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CS400 series laser-diode controllers - power supplies with process control

CS400 series devices supply constant current at up to 300A and pulsed current at up to 2000A with a pulse width as of 10µs. With innovative functions such as broken fiber detection and power regulation, these devices monitor and protect the complete processing procedure of CW and pulse lasers. With Amtron's SE200 series pyrometry, they provide process temperature control and regulation. Professional CAN bus applications are available to communicate with ProfiNET devices and log data.

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News & Innovations

AMTRON launches the next generation SE200 pyrometers with faster measurement rate

With the new SE260 pyrometer series, AMTRON brings the ultimate
process temperature measurement tool into the market, which is capable to acquire plastic welding information within a 10kHz range.
This opens pyrometry for galvo-scan applications or laser processes with very low temperature radiation.
The SE260 pyrometer can also be used in presence of laser radiation
above 1500nm, thus controlled welding processes for white or transparent plastics.
AMTRON controllers series CS400 power and communicate with the
SE260 via a single cable. .

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AMTRON extends the family of CM100 Gen. III laser diode drivers with outstanding features

AMTRON is proud to present new family members of the successful CM100 series. With various housings in paperback format, the CM100 models offer power values now up to 24.5kW with top-class ratings:
The CM100 supplies diode lasers with up to 350A CW or up to 800A pulsed with an outstanding efficiency of up to 97%. When operating single emitter laser diodes, the high-resolution currents reach voltages of up to 120V.

The entire monitoring mechanism is equipped for redundancy.
Safety of operation is certified according to EN ISO 13849 with the Performance Level "e" (PL e).

The browser based user interface is fully reworked and improved. Operation by touch screen is even more intuitive. It offers access to the convenient analysis tools in the CM100 software. High update rates allow the software to constantly provide an up-to-date view of the measured values, making it ideal for operation in digital Industry 4.0 production environments.

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AMTRON presents flexible and fast process controller

Another innovation presented by AMTRON is the process controller CU190.

The process controller CU190 stands out with its fast power modulation, which makes it ideal for regulating and controlling the processes between the system and the laser. The device offers a range of connections via different fieldbus systems. The process controller uses various input parameters such as feedrate, external sensors or trigger/gate to calculate and control the analog and digital laser power. The control unit modulates the amplitude, pulse width, or frequencies with fast cycle times of 1µs. In contrast to conventional system controllers, the CU190 process controller offers fully customizable laser control, which easily integrates into existing processes.

Outstanding Features:

  • Integrated controller for the regulation of process signals
  • Storable processing recipes
  • Customizable laser control
  • Connection to Profibus, ProfiNET or CAN-bus
  • Optional remote maintenance via a web interface
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