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AIM Micro Systems makes the image sensor assembly great again: Working in a clean room ISO 5, wafer dicing, chip/wire bonding, testing. AIM provides a 24h fast prototyping service.

About us

The assembly & packaging department of AIM Micro Systems is providing an independent manufacturing service for image and line-scan sensors in a clean room ISO 5 or 100 Fed. Std. 209E environment. We offer the complete assembly process, starting from wafer dicing (up to 12”), chip bonding, wire bonding, encapsulation, final test and a complete optic measurement including supply chain management. AIM provides a fast prototyping service down to 24 hours on serial equipment.   

AIM Micro Systems GmbH
Im Bresselsholze 8
07819 Triptis

Phone: +49 36482 88949-70
Fax: +49 36482 88949-99

Products and services

Our range of technologies includes:  

  • Image sensor assembly for vacuum and low temperature
  • environment (CTE match and low outgassing) 
  • Chip bonding on AlSi, Covar, Invar and other special materials 
  • Chip attach on peltier elements 
  • Chip stitching  
  • FOB (fiber optical block) including scintillator direct attach to image sensors  
  • Seam welding N² for hermetic environment  
  • Design of image sensor packages 

We offer solutions for the follow applications: 

  • Space  
  • X-Ray  
  • E-beam  
  • Machine vision 
  • Low temperature / vacuum
  • High Performance
  • Consumer
Manufacturing service for image and line-scan sensors

Assembly & packaging in a clean room ISO 5 or 100 Fed. Std. 209E

Wafer dicing service up to 12

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