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son-x is a leading edge technology and component supplier in the field of ultra precision machining. The technology developed and commercialized by son-x enables direct machining of steel with single crystal diamond tools. A consistent surface quality of Ra=3nm and a form accuracy of 100 nm can be achieved.  

son-x offers:
Ultrasonic Tooling Systems for diamond machining of steel
Contract based manufacturing service (Mirrors, Moulds, Prototypes)

Main applications are optical mould inserts for injection moulding of: Automotive LED head lights, LED illumination optics, Camera lenses, Sensor lenses

On the Photonics West the second generation equipment “UTS2” with a unique frequency of >100 kHz is presented. Several mould insert examples are displayed.

Products and services

son-x has two business fields:

son-x systems - offers ultrasonic tooling systems for direct diamond machining of steel. Our unique UTS2 allows direct cutting of stainless steel with single crystal diamond tools to a highest quality level (Ra~3nm, PV<150nm).

son-x precision - offers ultra precision manufacturing service.

With our long term experience in ultra precision technology and our sophisticated equipment we offer contract based manufacturing of optical components. Our main applications are:

Optical mould inserts, mirrors and prototype lenses
Mirrors and optical steel mould inserts

son-x can manufacture optical mould inserts directly in steel with ultra precise accuracy. Furthermore we produce special purpose custom mirrors up to a size of 1000 mm in diameter.

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UTS2 - Ultrasonic Tooling System

This UTS2 Ultrasonic Tooling System allows direct diamond turning of stainless steel for optical applications. For more information please contact us.

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