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Stuttgart Instruments manufactures lasers with ultrabroad tuning range, from the VIS to the MIR spectral range, with subpicosecond pulses and repetition rates of tens of MHz. Above frequencies of 300 kHz, shot-noise limited performance is available. Rapid and automized tuning and hands-off operation is included. Additionally, supercontinuum generators for ultrabroadband NIR and MIR spectral regions are available. More complex systems including multiple frequency converters are also available.

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The Stuttgart Instruments Alpha-SRS is an ultra‐low noise and fully automated laser system for coherent Raman scattering microscopy. Based on solid-state femtosecond technology this multi‐color system reaches the shot noise limit at modulation frequencies well below 1 MHz. Delivering tunable radiation in the 750 – 950 nm and 1.4-2.0 µm range, as well as a fixed beam at 1043 nm, it is perfectly suited for stimulated Raman spectroscopy in the range of 1015 – 3695 1/cm.

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