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Complete mirrors and coatings for laser mirrors - made by PLEIGER Laseroptik - are used in almost all laser applications. This is testament to the high quality of our products, and the high level of flexibility of our research, development and production. PLEIGER offers optical components for worldwide delivery. Our coating services range from UV to IR applications. We assure that our products fulfill the highest customer requirements by continuous measuring and quality checks, beginning with our research and development up to pre-delivery inspection. The application determines the coating, therefore we work closely with our ustomers to develop the exact optics required. Pleiger is an innovative, family-owned, German high-tech company with a long tradition at its location in Witten. The PLEIGER Group has production facilities in Germany, Korea, China, and the USA.

Products and services

Pleiger Laseroptik's precision mirrors are used in resonators, deflection units, and for beam bending. Our product range includes flat mirrors and spherical optics of silicon, copper, silicon carbide, beryllium and fused silica. The ZnSe lenses for laser cutting and marking are made of high-quality material with the lowest absorption values. Combined with an anti-reflex coating, PLEIGER optics allow the focusing of a high-power CO2 laser with excellent precision.

The precision coatings of PLEIGER Laseroptik offer the highest quality and stability for all applications from UV to infrared. Metallic coatings offer optimal properties for broadband applications in spectroscopy and lighting. Dielectric coating systems are designed for a laser wavelength and distinguish themselves through the highest reflection values.

Scanning Mirror

High quality for high-power CO2 lasers. Combined with our gold-based high-power coatings, we offer precisely the suitable optics for any application with a wavelength of 10.6 μm. Material: Silicon, Aluminium, Silicon Carbide, Beryllium

Cavity Mirror

Pleiger Laseroptik's precision mirrors are used in resonators at a wavelength of 10.6 µm. Material: Silicon and Copper

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