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The PicoLAS GmbH, headquartered in Herzogenrath Germany, is specialized in developing and manufacturing very compact and efficient drivers for diode lasers which have achieved a couple of market prominences:

  • Baseplate cooled cw drivers for fanless designs
  • High-efficiency digital controlled cw and qcw drivers
  • Short pulse drivers for seeding and rangefinding applications

PicoLAS is Europe's number one for high-speed seeding of fibre lasers (< 400 ps up to cw).

The main markets are:

  • Medical (hair removal, skin treatment, ...)
  • Material processing (engraving, marking, cutting, soldering, drilling, ...)
  • Driving ultra-short pulse lasers
  • Mil & Law enforcement (including high safety standards like SIL 3 and 4 or class e and higher)

The PicoLAS R&D team also develops customized drivers in close cooperation with the customers.

Products and services

PicoLAS develops state-of-the-art compact and efficient drivers for laser diodes, LEDs and other applications. The fanless baseplate cooled design is world unique. Drivers for extremely short current pulses (400 A) are available off the shelf.

PicoLAS also offers one of the worlds fastest analog modulated driver for fiber laser seeding applications – the BFS-VRM 03. The OEM current sources cover pulse durations of < 400 ps up to cw.

The available current range is between < 0.1 A and up to 600 A. The LDP-CW 90-10 is the smallest 1 kW laser diode driver available on the market with up to 90 A on a “half brick” size footprint. It is very affordable, compact, efficient and baseplate cooled.

PicoLAS offers protective systems (Stackprotector) on most of the drivers. Our R&D team also develops customized drivers in close cooperation with the customers.

LDP-QCW-II 600-120

The LDP-QCW-II 600-120 delivers up to 600 A and 120 V for pulse durations from 100 µs to 5 ms. The output of the driver can be composed out of a lower pre-pulse and a main pulse. This allows you to shape the pulse for your process and increase the lifespan of your laser diode. For safety sensitive applications the driver features two independent interlock circuits and a complete galvanic isolation of the laser diode. The driver dissipates its heat almost completely over the baseplate.

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LDP-CW 90-10-S50

The LDP-CW 90-10 is an affordable, compact and efficient current supply for output power up to 1kW. The capability ranges from a continuous constant output current to analog modulated waveforms like sinusoidal, rectangular or triangular. The modulation is limited by the load inductance. The innovative current regulation concept produces, compared to linear regulations concepts, considerably less losses. Therefore, only one supply voltage is needed for the control logic and the power stage.

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The BFS-VRM 03 from PicoLAS is one of the worlds fastest analog modulated driver for seed applications, DVD-Disk mastering, printing applications, etc. With an output current from 0 to 3 A it delivers enough power to overdrive single mode diodes for short pulses.
The pulse widths span from 1 ns to cw and is continuously addressable via an analog input signal. Of course, there are protective features and the driver is baseplate cooled like all drivers from PicoLAS.

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PicoLAS GmbH
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Dr. Markus Bartram
Phone: +49 2407 56358-0
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News & Innovations

News from the Seeding Experts!
The seed drivers from PicoLAS are specially designed to drive laser diodes in seeding applications for fibre-and solid state laser amplifiers. The BFPS-VRHSP 02 is the first seed driver available on the market which enables short pulse durations as low as < 400 ps up to 10 ns with an extraordinary current potential of 2 A. A further special highlight of the device is the integrated pulse width controller. Moreover, all settings can be performed via an integrated digital interface.

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