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The Photonik Incubator in Göttingen is focused on innovative ideas in the field of optics. Ideas from communications engineering and information technologies, analytics and sensor technology, microscopy, surface refinement and medical engineering can proceed from laboratory to industrial application – with time, money and mile stones in mind.

Granted by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Ministry of Science and Culture of Lower Saxony (MWK) laboratories and offices at the Photonic Incubator await their future entrepreneurial inhabitants, who are willing to do their research with a strong focus on commercialization and bringing their products to marketability. After receiving their grants for the incubation process, it is planned to add a follow-up financing for the successful founding of a start-up company.

Products and services

Our work focuses on the molecular anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology of sound encoding and information processing in the auditory system as well as the restoration of hearing by gene replacement therapy and optogenetic stimulation. We combine various techniques to characterize synapses of hair cells and the auditory brainstem from the molecular to the systems level. This way we have contributed to the understanding of structure and function of auditory synapses and initiated the concept of auditory synaptopathy. Towards restoration of hearing we aim to establish virus-mediated gene replacement therapy of auditory synaptopathy and pursue the optogenetic stimulation of auditory nerve for improving the performance of the cochlear implant.

Photonik Inkubator GmbH
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Cora Karandi
Project Manager
Phone: +49 551 30724136
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