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ORAFOL Fresnel Optics GmbH, a subsidiary of the ORAFOL group, designs and manufactures polymer microstructured optical components in a variety of different types and specifications.

As a market leader we offer an integrated R&D and production expertise with the complete chain of optical design, tool fabrication, precision polymer replication based on compression and injection molding as well as a wide range of finishing processes (hard coatings, metal and interference coatings, lamination and custom trimming).

We supply customers throughout the world and our components are used in many different industries, such as the lighting, display, solar power, automotive, optical sensor and industrial image processing markets.

Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 our internal processes are clearly structured and organized. Guidelines for quality control and respective assessment procedures cover the company’s entire activities.

Products and services

Whatever their application, all our components have least one structured surface. The structure can have a straight or curved profile, constant or random spacing and may vary from microns to millimeters in dimension. Whether linear, circular or with no uniform pattern at all, it is the requirement of the specific application that determines the shape and size of the microstructure. The following product list provide an overview on our freely avaible standard products. Special designs possible on request.

Positive Fresnel Lenses, Negative Fresnel Lenses, Fresnel Prism, Fresnel Beamsplitter, Fresnel Cylindrical Lenses, Lenticulars, Corner Cube Retro-Reflectors, Surface Relief Diffusive Microstructures, Surface Enhancements (Hard Coatings, Metallization, Bonding, Anti-Reflective Nanostructures, Interference Layers, Printing)

Surface Enhancements

• Hard Coatings
• Metallization
• Bonding
• Anti-Reflective Nanostructures
• Interference Layers
• Printing

Precision Tooling

• ultra-precision diamond turning, fly-cutting, linear ruling
• state-of-art tool replication (electroforming and plating)

Precision Polymer Replication

• different manufacturing processes (compression molding, injection-compressing molding and injection molding)
• use of different polymers
• fabrication of hybrid-optics (silicone on glass)

ORAFOL Fresnel Optics GmbH
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Katja Oertel
Sales Manager
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