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About us

We produce high quality optical coatings for applications in the fields of high power lasers, optical measurement systems, telecommunication, aerospace and for scientific research. NANEO gives you high precision hard coated optics with an enormous durability and environmental robustness. Main part of our production is customer orientated. Some of our main products: AR-Coatings Absorption e. g. 3pp@1030nm LIDT 1J/cm²@780nm, 180fs GDD-Mirrors range from 500-1500nm, up to -5000fs², up to > 1 Octave kW-Beam-Combiner range from 500-1500nm, edge steepness < 10nm 45° for s+p Polarization

Products and services

  • Dispersion Controlled Coatings
  • Beam Combiner Coatings
  • Precision AR Coatings
  • Precision HR Coatings
  • Laser Output Couplers
  • Laser Beam Splitter Coatings
  • Laser Polarizer Coatings
  • Partial Laser Reflector
  • Customized Coatings

NANEO Precision IBS Coatings GmbH
Heuriedweg 31a
88131 Lindau

Phone: +49 8382 9113950
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Contact person

Christian Breuss
Production Management
Phone: +49 8382 9113950
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