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MICRO-HYBRID Electronic GmbH is a leading medium-sized company providing sophisticated customized electronics solutions. We have been developing and manufacturing innovative electronics for 25 years. Our customers benefit from unparalleled solutions for control tasks in challenging environmental conditions. Our portfolio ranges from ceramic substrates and enclosures for miniaturized electronic modules for sensor control to infrared components and sensors for temperature measurement and gas analysis. As we continue with the development of technologies and materials and work on technological innovations, we create customized solutions with significant added value for our customers. Our extensive application experience in various industries allows us to utilize a unique technological range to solve your development task. This is why technology businesses worldwide choose us to assist them in solving their measurement challenge.

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Micro-hybrid is the leading manufacturer of infrared components and Systems, and has been tackling the IR market since 1998. For our hermetically sealed infrared components, we developed a new Technology. Currently, we offer infrared sources (HermeSeal) and detectors with this Technology. Our detectors have outstanding Performance including highest detectivity. Furthermore Micro-Hybrid's high Performance products are designed for customer's high-tech solutions. Based on the well-known optical NDIR gas measurement principle Micro-Hybrid developed an advanced gas sensor which withstands harsh Environments like extraordinary moistures and high temperatures up to 190℃. A field of application is controlling the CO2 atmosphere and the measurement of the humidity in sterilisable incubators. German Engineering executively for your competitive Advantage!

NDIR CO2 Gas Sensor for incubators

The Incubator IR CO2 Sensor is specially designed for the use in cell incubators. In general, IR gas sensors operate at room temperatures (up to 60°C). In constrast, our gas sensors with hermetically sealed IR components are also suitable for applications in ambient temperatures up to 190°C. Therefore, the sensor can be directly installed in the incubator chamber and can withstand up to 300 sterilization cycles according to the WHO recommendation.

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IR source JSIR350-4 – Hermeseal

JSIR 350 sources are MEMS based infrared emitters, branded with high radiation output. These emitters made of nano amorphous carbon (NAC), are a new class of nano-structured materials. By combining standard silicon materials technology with NAC coatings, Micro-Hybrid now offers a new generation of MEMS Products with exceptional performance like high membrane temperature up to 850℃ and a high modulation frequency.

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News & Innovations

CO2 concentration measurement in incubators – precise and long-term stable with Incubator IR CO2 Sensor
We present the development of a sensor that sets new standards. Thus, we enable the manufacturers of cell incubators to reliably measure carbon dioxide with NDIR sensors.


High accuracy through 5-point calibration instead of the usual standard 3-point calibration.
Long lifetime also in harsh environments even with more than 300 heat sterilization cycles according to WHO recommendation.
Correct measurement during operation process by humidity correction via water vapor pressure calculation.
Internal offsetting of humidity ensures accurate measurement results even at high humidity in the incubator chamber.
The Incubator IR CO2 Sensor is optimally adapted to the equipment needs of incubator manufacturers.

Temperature, humidity and the influence of CO2 are most important parameters for the cells growth. The condition for gas concentration measurement are here especially demanding.

Micro-Hybrid has developed an optimally matched sensor solution with the Incubator IR CO2 sensor.

With our 5-point calibration, the Incubator IR CO2 Sensor has significantly improved linearity compared to conventional 3-point calibrated sensor. This results in more precise CO2 measurement not only in the usual 5 vol.%, but also in the entire measuring range.

The sensors' internal humidity calculation, which even corrects the CO2 value in the incubator with high humidity, prevents false displays of the CO2 concentration. Selectable setting options are: steam pressure calculation or the entry of relative humidity and temperature.

There is a special challenge by sterilization in cell incubators. To ensure sterility in the incubation chamber, it is sterilized at 190 ° C with hot air at regular intervals. Conventional CO2 sensors can not withstand such a temperature. However, the Incubator IR CO2 Sensor uses temperature-resistant Micro-Hybrid components. This enormously reduces the negative influence of high temperatures on the service life.

Designed for more than 300 sterilization cycles in accordance with WHO guidelines, the Incubator IR CO2 Sensor not only offers a long service lifespan, but also enables compliance with DIN EN ISO 20857: 2013.

The temperature compensation of the sensor allows the sensor operation even at temperatures that deviate from the usual 37 ° C. The influence of air pressure is compensated by the pressure compensation of the sensor, so that the point of installation has no influence to the measurement result.

For special application parameters and challenges, we have the suitable sensor solution as part of our application and product development consultation. We adapt our sensors to your requirements and develop an individually specific sensor together with you.
Through our unique Micro-Hybrid quality concept with our own components, development and series production, we meet the high quality requirements of our customers.
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