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Metrolux is a renowned provider of optical measurement technology for the characterization of laser beams and optical systems for over 20 years.

Optical metrology is used for the analysis of laser raw beams, foci, line foci, wave fronts and caustics. Metrolux measurement systems are widely used in the display, automotive and laser industries as well as by systems integrators.

Metrolux systems already record the minutest fluctuations in relation to the desired settings and notify users accordingly. Consequently the laser can be immediately readjusted. As a result, the desired production parameter laser is permanently monitored to prevent or minimize downtime in production.

Products and services

Metrolux offers various beamprofiler measuring laser lines, focused and collimated lasers. Following measurements are possible through the different systems: 

  • Line focus measurement Beamline: A homogeneous line focus brings huge advantages to the processing of large areas. The homogeneous beam shaping requires constant monitoring.
  • Focus measuremen Beamlux: Laser materials processing requires very small laser foci in a well defined shape. This results in sepcial requirements for the measurement technology.
  • Caustic measurement SquareluxISO: The characterization of a laser beam requires the measurement of its caustic. This yields a good measure of the laser's quality.
  • Beam profiling Focuslux Standard/High Power/Compact: The exact knowledge of a laser beam's intensity distribution is crucial for the use of the laser as a tool
focuslux compact

The focuslux compact is a compact beam profiler (290×60×77 mm) for the quick analysis of focused laser light.

You’ll benefit from
+ Small size for straightforward integration into the manufacturing system
+ Versatile characterization of line and point focus
+ Significantly shorter measuring times due to high scanning speed
+ Straightforward operation thanks to clear user interface
+ Quick "in process" focus measurements

focuslux high power

The focuslux high power is used to measure beam profiles of the focussed laser beam in the high power range (up to 6 kW), in situations such as directly in material processing systems.

+ Quick measurement of laser beams of the highest power levels
+ Compact design: Assembly directly on the manufacturing system and
on industrial robots

squarelux ISO

The ideal M² measurement device for automatic
calculation of the focussability of the laser beam in industrial use.

You’ll benefit from:
+ Very quick M2-measurement and caustic measurement in 10 seconds
+ Fully-automated M2 measurement in accordance with the ISO 11146
standard in less than 30 seconds
+ Simple and quick system set-up
+ Simple and quick integration of the compact unit into the production process
+ Optional direct software control or custom-made remote control

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