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About us

Laser Driver, Electronics and Mechanics from one Competent Source.

Our core competences are laser drivers, electronic production and mechanical production.

We develop and produce laser drivers.
We manufacture for laser applications whole set-ups including power supply, cooler, control, driver and diode.

In addition we offer an in-house electronic and mechanical production of components as well as electro-mechanical assembly and testing of complete devices and modules.

Furthermore we provide electrical engineering and mechanical construction.

Products and services

We are an important international technology leader für laser drivers and TEC Controllers and refer to over 30 years experience in development, production and application of power supplies and electronic components für lasers. We are a well-known global partner für standard devices as well as for customized developments and individual special solutions.

MESSTEC offers more than 100 different devices for high power diode lasers with short pulses and for lamp pumped lasers. Many accessory modules, such as operating panels or communication interfaces, allow versatile special application for our customers.

DPDP 5000-320

CW and Pulsed High Power Driver
3 phase supply voltage
max 320A, max 55V

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DT 400-50

Combined Diode and TEC Driver up to 60A and 49V for CW and pulsed operation

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FM 100-50

Fast Driver for CW, pulsed and modulated operation as well as for arbitrary curves
max 100A for CW
max 200A for short pulses
max 50V

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News & Innovations

New High Power Driver

The modular product line DPD for CW operation is powered by a 3-phase input voltage 196V … 530V. It has an integrated power factor correction (PFC). The power ranges up to 4800W with a modular configurable diode current up to 240A resp. 320A at a maximum diode voltage up to 55V resp. 24V. The devices are air- or water-cooled and installed in a 19” rack. It can be operated and monitored via hardware signals, via external PC, via integrated touch display or via buttons/LEDs. A multifunctional interface (e.g. USB, RS 232) is available. The product line DPDP is based on the DPD and can be used for pulse mode and burst mode. All options are also available for this type. The DPDP is equipped with an additional external (PUE) pulse unit which allows an assembly very close to the diode, with an internal pulse generator (PCG) and with a trigger input. A rise time of 1µs is achievable. CW operation up to short pulsed mode is possible.

New Low Power Driver

The laser drivers LPD 2-25 and LPD 2-50 are a low power drivers which can be used for low diode currents up to 2A for CW- pulsed and modulated operation. The maximum diode voltage is 23V or 46V.

New CW Laser Driver

We would like to present our 2 new CW Laser Drivers D 1900-80 and
D 3300-60 which are now available.

The technical features at a glance:
D 1900-80: electrical output power 1900W at a diode current of 80A and a diode voltage of 26V
D 3300-60: electrical output power 3300W at a diode current of 60A and a diode voltage of 55V

Both types are available with air cooling or water cooling.

Further features:

  • rise and fall time < 200µs resp. < 300 µs
  • no overshoot, no ripple
  • set-point via 2 hardware analog inputs with overlaying of both inputs
  • monitoring outputs for diode current and for diode voltage
  • many possibilities for an integration into a laser system

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