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LuxFlux takes Hyperspectral Imaging from the lab to industrial and embedded applications. LuxFlux is a software company that specializes in analyzing hyperspectral data. The company's main product LuxFlux.software comprises 2 applications: 1) fluxTrainer and 2) fluxRuntime. The company serves industrial and academic customers. Industries covered include Sorting, Pharma, MedTech, Food, Precision Farming and Recycling. The company has been awarded for its innovative products.

Products and services

Our software suite for computer vision connects hyperspectral cameras to applications. The software can use any spectral source (spectrometer, push-broom, imager) and supports many cameras out of the box. The software uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to classify, identify or give quantitative results. The software runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS. We support both CPU and GPU and run on the most common hardware platforms such as Intel/AMD and ARM. We work with all major camera vendors to give the customer the best solution. The company serves various industries with its applications: Industry inspection systems, inspection and sorting for recycling, quality control in food production and tablet inspection in pharma. We have experience in Industry, Pharma, MedTech, Microscopy, Food, Agriculture, Remote Sensing, UAVs, Polymers, Paper, Recycling, Color Measurements and Surface Analysis.

fluxTrainer is a PC based software that allows users to build their own chemometric models for hyperspectral imaging (HSI). The models can be exported and used in fluxRuntime. The software has an easy-to-use customer interface and leads the user intuitively through the steps in model building.

fluxTrainer is part of the LuxFlux.software suite.

LuxFlux takes Hyperspectral Imaging from the lab to industrial and embedded applications.

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Dr. Jan Makowski
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