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inno-spec is a manufacturer for spectroscopic measurement equipment and provides optimized solutions for any individual applications, from customized OEM components for system suppliers up to fully integrated turnkey solutions for the end user. inno-spec's core competencies are the development and production of spectroscopic measurement systems, including corresponding accessories for both industrial process and laboratory applications.

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Depending on the product and its properties to be monitored, various spectral ranges can be selected for process control, from deep ultraviolet (UV) to the midinfrared (MIR) spectral range. To achieve optimal results, inno-spec offers three complementary spectroscopic techniques: Hyperspectral Imaging Systems (HSI), Spectrometer Systems, Raman Spectrometer Systems.

RedEye 1.7

The new RedEye is a linescan (pushbroom)
hyperspectral imaging camera in the near-infrared
spectral range that allows the acquisition of real-time
data with high spectral and spatial resolution.
This new capability was developed from our vast
experience with industrial applications we have delivered
in the past decade.

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The Raman 785 system is ideally suited for precise
measurements in harsh process environments because
of its high optical throughput, rugged design and high
The basis for this highly sensitive system is a TE-cooled
back-thinned CCD sensor which allows the detection of
weak signals. The connection of the fiber-optic probe is
realized via SMA-connectors.

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