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Industrial Lasers. Powerful. Reliable. Made in Germany.

InnoLas Photonics designs and manufactures industrial lasers for high precision micro machining applications like PV, electronic- and SEMI manufacturing or laser marking, soldering, spot- and plastics welding.

With sales offices around the world InnoLas Photonics works for and with its customers to provide preferred laser solutions and does not compromise on quality.

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Product Overview
Latest laser technologies for 24/7 industrial manufacturing are our business. InnoLas Photonics delivers reliable high end products

  • from UV to IR
  • up to 50W TEM00
  • Mini DPSS Lasers
  • High Rep Rate Q-Switched Lasers up to 500kHz
  • Ultra Short Pulse Lasers
  • Micro Spot Welding Lasers
  • 5ns to ms
  • AC or 24 VDC
  • Customized OEM Models for Integrators
Femto 1950

The FEMTO is an all fiber based USP laser engineered for demanding 24/7 applications that require outstanding performance.

Laser head and power supply are integrated in a compact „All-in-One Block“ of strengthened aluminum for highest stability. The new design cuts down system costs significantly without any trade-offs in quality or lifetime. 48 VDC operating voltage and InnoLas Photonics´ field proven Laser Control Interface enable a simple and easy integration of the system.

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The new FEMTO 1030-25-Yb-2500 is designed for easy system integration and lowest cost of ownership. A 48 VDC operating voltage and the field proven software interface facilitate quick and easy installation. The new FEMTO 1030-25-Yb-2500 is available with 1030 nm wavelength and 25W. An integrated SHG stage within the FEMTO 515-15-Yb-2500 produces 515nm output power up to 15W.

With pulsewidths as short as 15ns and pulse energies up to 1000μJ, the BLIZZ is the perfect tool for today’s demanding applications that require high output power, excellent beam quality and superior pulse-to-pulse stability even at high repetition rates.

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