About us

We are a innovative company from Jena - a city with a
long-standing tradition in optics and photonics.

As a young team, we combine the technical and commercial
skills and know-how for your requirements.

Together, we are committed to one goal:
Make high-quality diffraction gratings available!

Our new manufacturing process and design expertise allows us to develop gratings optimized for your individual application and transfer them directly into serial production.

We offer high efficiency gratings for pulse compression and high energy applications.

Our gratings are alldielectric resulting in high damage thresholds.

Grating design and quality have a dramatic impact on the laser system performance. We help you to reach your business goals in today's fast growing, dynamic and competitive laser market.

Stay ahead - with us!

Products and services

Diffraction gratings of the highest quality according to the current state of the art - efficiency, wavefront accuracy, and damage threshold optimized for your application!

High-quality diffraction gratings - High efficiency - High damage threshold - All-dielectric & fused silica - Transmission gratings - Perfect for pulse compression and high energy applications.

We are happy to adapt the grating size and thickness for your application and providing you with the highest quality at any quantity!
Diffraction Grating for USP-Laser

High efficiency diffraction grating for pulse compression, beam combining and high energy applications.

Are you planning to setup a new compressor to increase the laser efficiency or to reduce the size of the system?

We would be pleased to support you with our comprehensive grating expertise. In the early stage of your development we can help you avoid extra costs and power loss.

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Gitterwerk GmbH
Moritz-von-Rohr-Str. 1a
07745 Jena

Phone: +49 3641 3161120
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Contact person

Dr. Frank Fuchs
Managing Director
Phone: +49 3641 3161120
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News & Innovations

Efficiency, Efficiency, Efficiency - Boost your Laser with Diffraction Gratings
Today’s Laser market, especially the segment of ultrafast lasers, is dynamically growing and highly competitive.

You need to be fast and innovative in optimizing your systems. But what makes a good laser better? Definitely an increase in efficiency - because efficiency is everything!

An easy step is to implement a high-quality diffraction grating in your laser system. The grating design and quality have a dramatic impact on the system performance. A high-performance grating, which is individually
designed for your application can increase your laser efficiency up to 40 percent.

Today, highly accurate and efficient gratings are available but often only in low quantities and at a prohibitively expensive price.

But now, there is a solution! Based on our unique fabrication technology Gitterwerk from Jena can offer gratings of the highest quality at any quantity.

Watch out for Gitterwerk at the Photonics West on the german pavilion.
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